Exploiting tiktok for cosmetic marketing, what to know?

Exploiting tiktok for cosmetic marketing, what to know? 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

Riding the wave of the trend is the effective strategy in cosmetics promotion, in fact, social videos of cosmetic products are a phenomenon of custom and actively involve over a billion users worldwide. Knowing the scene and behind the scenes is the starting point, the rest is up to the most incisive communication strategy. At Studio Concept we range from packaging design to successful social strategy, we believe in the power of innovative marketing.

What is TikTok and how does it work?

Just take a bit of YouTube, add the sociability of Facebook, the photography of Instagram and the hashtags of Twitter with the stories of Snapchat: the result is a combination that has not only caught the attention of a few fans but has literally depopulated every continent. The app was created by the Chinese company Douyin, later named TikTok to conquer the rest of the planet.

The nature of the platform is that of an active approach to social, its target audience is Generation Z but it also infects Millennials with a desire to get involved themselves. The open space for content generation is the feature that most engages, TikTok allows you to share videos ranging from pranks to skill competitions, passing, of course, through the art of artistic make-up. Adding music tracks, slowing down or speeding up are just some of the possibilities: the social promises plenty of room for creativity.

Your Cosmetic Brand on TikTok: tips and effective strategies

Social video is an immense container of commercial targets, but not every strategy can be the winning one. In fact, every approach is effective insofar as it starts from a careful analysis of the product in relation to the target for which it is addressed. Knowing TikTok is essential, the social opens up various tools to express one’s brand in the best possible way. From influencer creation to hashtag challenges, social offers numerous options for incisive social marketing. Here are some tips for optimising resources and transferring them to the result.

Identify your audience

Knowing your target audience means carrying forward a concept that started at the time of product design. Cosmetics that work necessarily start from a real need, contextualise it in the target age group and gender in order to offer a tangible solution, but above all one that people can live with. The same principle applies to the creation of a video on TikTok, the target audience must be very clear so as to guarantee a product that is indexed to be usable exactly by those who benefit from it. The social offers the “For you” page, a video that works appears directly in the dedicated selection.

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Create content and make it go viral

Here the social video offers all the space that creativity requires, the choice can lead to following the brand’s stylistic line or perhaps daring with a variation on the classic theme. The secret lies in standing out from the others but without straying too far from the trends. Here the professional approach can really make the difference, the cosmetic lines leave room for macro shots perhaps playing with some effects. Anything that works is allowed, the last detail not to be underestimated is the choice of the right music.

Follow trends from influencers in the beauty industry

Here intuition is the ingredient that can really make the difference, TikTok is the social networking site that allows you to take a trend that is perhaps not very popular and take it to the stars by means of the gimmick that you like. Choosing the right trends, however, is not easy, you need to evaluate those that are related to your brand. The social works on a very short time scale, the user takes a few moments to decide what is worth consideration. The chosen theme but also a particular tag can create the right tam-tam that drives the brand.

Collaborating with other influencers

In addition to analysing the characteristics of its audience, TikTok is a social that relies entirely on content created by its users. It is therefore necessary to get to the heart of it to achieve the full potential the tool promises, which is possible if you reach out to content creators through incentives for active promotion. The key, however, does not lie in big influencers, precisely because everyone expects them to be sponsored for advertising campaigns. The trend is towards micro-influencers as they boast far higher conversion rates.

TikTok Vs Instagram

TikTok stands to video as Instagram stands to photos, both tools vie for the sceptre of the most effective in the field of social marketing. If one were to look at the numbers revolving around both platforms, the difference might seem minimal; the reality, however, is different. Social video proves to be more open, as one does not need to follow a profile to watch its content. The detail multiplies the possibility of presenting the brand and its products to the general public. Entrusted to the right professionals, each tool is effective.

In a constantly evolving digital landscape, TikTok establishes itself as a platform that can offer extraordinary opportunities for marketing in the cosmetics industry. Whether promoting a revolutionary product or solidifying brand presence through creative and authentic content, it is important for companies to fully understand and utilise the potential of this platform.

Success on TikTok is built on a well-defined strategy that takes into account the target audience, grasps emerging trends on the fly, and collaborates with influencers, possibly anchoring itself in the reality and desires of consumers. TikTok’s distinctiveness lies in its openness to creativity, offering a space where authenticity meets innovation.

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