Photographing a Perfume: How is it done with still life techniques?

Photographing a Perfume: How is it done with still life techniques? 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

Entrusting a story to the evidence of the shot, this sums up in words the essence of still life. Study of light but also focus on communication are just some of the ingredients behind a shot that arrives. At Studio Concept, we stand out in the field of photography, bringing life and content to products through the art of still life. We shoot still life images of cosmetic products, where quality and expressiveness always come first.

The Iconic Importance of Perfume for a Cosmetic Brand

To describe a perfume in a shot is to condense its essence and translate it into an image. The power lies in evoking olfactory perception, disposing the other senses towards expectations. There is more to a still life than meets the eye, the observer grasps the communication at first glance. Still life is a powerful technique, which is why it is increasingly used to describe an essence.

The perfume constitutes the spearhead, opening the public’s imagination to what the entire collection will be. Each perfume has an intrinsic iconic nature as it clearly communicates the choice of style. This is how the still life starts with a careful analysis of every element of the product. The study of the lines is essential, but the materials of the object are equally important, the work on colours and the study of light rests on it. The aim is clear: to excite. Communication thus places perfume at the centre.

Creative set design in perfume photography

Having clear characteristics to which to entrust the communicative message, the still life is enriched by the imagination to create an impressive interpretation. Where to start? Just look around, but you need to keep in mind the stylistic slant you want to entrust to the communication. Elements of nature can provide a clearly defined communicative focus: fruit, for example, is an element that recurs as a captivating source of colour.

Do not be afraid to draw inspiration, this is the rule from which some of the best shots are born. Browsing through the collections is to find a stylistic signature of the work to come, this is the way to draw inspiration but also not to fall into the classic mistake of “already seen”. Looking around is a valuable way of interpreting the product, but one must consider that the perfect setting is the one inspired by the perfume itself. The key to the choice lies in the balance between the packaging and the visual message that the still life is intended to convey.

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Still life techniques: foundations for photographing a perfume

Inspiration and scenic patterns are indeed important but a quality still life must be based on solid photography, this is where technical design comes in. Background, detail study, lighting and perspective are the 4 key aspects.

The choice of a neutral colour allows the background to emphasise the characteristics of the perfume, we often succumb to the naivety of conveying a message from the background and risk putting the product in the background. The white background allows the photograph to be constructed from a field free of interference.

Every detail is placed in the spotlight. The purpose of a good still life is to enhance the characteristics of the product, attention to detail prevents even the out-of-place detail from being caught in the shot. The background is therefore opaque as this removes any reflection interference; the perfume packaging is free of fingerprints, the use of cotton gloves is indeed essential.

The key to photography is to write through light, the study of this element is essential. As much as technology offers high-performance solutions, natural lighting can be the perfect one. You need to capture the exact moment, the light from a window can provide interesting results. Flashes and continuous lights are more finely tuned, these render near-natural effects.

The play of perspectives is one of the freest elements in still life, perfume offers a wide field for study in this respect. No one dictates that perfume should be in a natural position, it could rest on an oblique axis to hang in an unusual perspective. The effect can communicate and enhance the details at the same time, here still life becomes the art of creation. Here a simple fishing line becomes an ally in the game of framing.

Composition and retouching: from raw shot to work of art

Every step is important, but the still life of a perfume works when creativity results in a perfect product image. For a quality shot, 20 per cent of the time is enough, the remaining 80 per cent is post-production: this is how the still life of a perfume becomes the optimum that it communicates. Even a smartphone can guarantee a discreet result for anyone who follows a few small tricks to try their hand at the genre, the added value lies in the stylistic elaboration of the shot. Communicating at its best means raising the standard of still life to the level of photo art.

Immersing oneself in the universe of still life photography means embracing a continuous artistic evolution, where each shot represents an opportunity to hone one’s craftsmanship and refine one’s style, always in step with the innovations and trends of the moment. Success lies in the ability to balance technique and inspiration, to harmoniously blend every element, from set design to post-production, to generate images that speak to the heart and soul, making perfume shine as the undisputed protagonist of a fascinating and irresistible visual narrative.

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