Design and Communication for a Packaging Line of Supplements

Design and Communication for a Packaging Line of Supplements 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

At Studio Concept, we specialise in the all-round design and communication of many product lines, including supplements. We know how important packaging design is, as it must attract the consumer’s attention and provide clear information about the product. In this article, we will explore the different design and communication elements that are key to creating a successful supplement packaging line.

Identify the design elements that speak to your target audience

The first step in designing a successful supplement packaging line is to understand who the target audience is. First of all, the needs, habits and expectations of consumers must be known in order to create packaging that works. Design elements such as colour, shape, graphics and font must be carefully chosen. For example, if it is primarily a female target group, the packaging could be more subtle and with pastel colours, while for a male target group it could be more robust and with darker shades.

Identify the niche you want to address

Define the niche you want to target and consequently create a coherent visual. It is true that the innovation element in the design of an integrator product might seem limited because generally all lines use similar graphic styles, which are highly recognised by consumers who are inclined to buy identifying products that immediately speak of a need and a solution. But if the target niche is well determined, it is also possible to explore other avenues of communication and values to be used in the design of a supplement line. Many times, suggestions and innovative ideas come from the visual world of cosmetics and why not apply them to the world of supplements as well? The ideas can be endless.

Tips for designing the supplement label

The supplement label is one of the most important design elements of packaging: it must provide clear and detailed information about the product, such as the amount of active ingredients, directions for use, contraindications and warnings, and it must be easy to read and well-organised. To design an effective label, there are a few guidelines to follow: it is advisable to place the most important information at the top of the label, use a readable font and choose a well-organised layout.

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Use a clean and attractive design

The design of clean and attractive packaging is essential to attract the attention of consumers.

A minimalist design communicates the benefits of the product clearly and directly, as opposed to overly elaborate or confusing packaging that makes it difficult to understand the value of the product.

A clean, eye-catching design reflects the brand’s values and communicates the product’s benefits clearly and immediately. If the supplement line promotes a natural approach to health, the design should reflect this value by using warm colours and images of nature or natural elements.

In summary, it is essential to attract the attention of consumers to effectively communicate the benefits of the product. The design must be based on brand values and the needs of the target audience. During the design phase, the consumer experience is prioritised in order to create packaging that is not only functional, but also pleasant to use.

Select attention-grabbing colours

The appropriate selection of colours has a positive influence on attracting the interest of consumers and conveying the values of the brand to be promoted.

It is important to choose ones that are consistent with the image of the supplement line. Pastel colours may work well for products aimed at a female audience, while brighter, more vivid colours may be preferred by a young, sporty audience. Finally, do not overdo the use of colours that are too bright or contrasting, as they may cause confusion and compromise the readability of the product.

Choose a readable and attractive font

The choice of typeface for the supplement label is also a factor to be considered as much as the choice of colours: it is essential to choose one that is legible, can be easily deciphered even from a distance and respects the style of the product line. The font should be in line with the product image and appropriate for the target audience.

Opting for something elegant and sophisticated may work well for products aimed at an adult, professional audience, while a more informal character may be preferred by a younger, more sporty audience.

Include key product information

The label of supplements should contain all the information necessary to inform the consumer about the product, such as its composition, recommended doses, how to use it and any contraindications. Including information about the manufacturing company is also recommended to convey more reliability, such as the name and address, and any quality certifications or guarantees offered. This information ensures product transparency and provides consumers with all the information they need to make an informed choice.

Use high-quality images and graphics

The use of high-quality graphics plays a crucial role in the visual communication of the product. Images of athletes or fit people are suitable for products aimed at a sporty target group, while depictions of nature, fruit and vegetables might be appreciated by health and wellness conscious consumers. It is essential to use high-quality graphics to ensure the readability and visual impact of the label.

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Creating visual coherence between the different products in the line

To create a strong and impactful brand image, it is important that the different products in the supplement line have a consistent appearance. This means that the design, colours, fonts and images used should be similar in all products belonging to the same category. In this way, consumers will easily recognise the relevant products and feel more confident in purchasing other products of the same brand.

To achieve visual consistency, the same design elements should be used in all products in the line. You could use the same colour for the brand name lettering or a design or image that is present on all products. In this way, consumers will have a uniform impression of the brand, increasing customer loyalty.

Ensure compliance with regulations and labelling

It is crucial to ensure that the packaging of supplements complies with the required regulations and labelling. There are in fact European regulations governing the production and marketing of supplements, such as Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and Regulation (EU) 1169/2011, which regulate data privacy and food labelling respectively.

The information that must be present on the label of supplements includes, for example, the name of the product, the amount of active ingredients per serving, the recommended dose, the expiry date, the production batch, the name and address of the manufacturer, any warnings for consumption and contraindications.

With regard to food supplements, the labelling must also contain the quantity of nutrients and characterising substances present in the product, indications on how to take them, possible contraindications, precautions for use and warnings on maximum daily intake amounts.


Good packaging design can help capture the customer’s attention and create a strong brand image. It is important that the design and labelling of dietary supplements reflect the brand image and philosophy, are clean and appealing, with legible and attractive colours and fonts.

Product labelling must comply with regulations and required labelling, with all key information, any consumption warnings and contraindications.

At Studio Concept, we have the experience and expertise to help our customers design and communicate a line of supplement packaging. Each project is different and unique, and we approach each challenge with creativity, innovation and professionalism.

Our team of designers and marketing professionals work together to develop a winning visual image that attracts customers’ attention and communicates product values.

Share your project with us. Our agency is structured to support you in the overall design and construction of your brand, from the visual idea to the production of graphics and print executives. We also offer all services related to the launch, the production of photo and video content, and the creation of infographics to better communicate your product, e.g. in Amazon product sheets. We offer advanced web development, especially for e-commerce on multiple platforms according to the specific requests and needs of each client, and we follow the growth of your brand on social media, content production and Meta campaign management through a real strategy.

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