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Success is a matter of choices, especially when cosmetics are at the centre. We at Studio Concept stand by the brands that work, starting with the still life of cosmetics but aiming well beyond that.

Packaging design of cosmetic products

A product with the most attractive packaging boosts its sales performance; this is the starting point for turning your brand around. That is why we focus on quality packaging to meet customer expectations.

Our path starts with an analysis of the brand identity, first of all framing the values behind the brand in order to find a solution aligned with it. Play on the charmant and precious edge or leverage the green identity? These are some of the questions we ask ourselves.

Then the actual design phase begins. We prefer to shape rational packaging that meets the expectations of the target group. Beautiful also means useful and resource-friendly: this rewards ideas that work.

Graphics and still life for the beauty and cosmetics industry

The strength of an image lies in conveying the message at the speed of a glance. When the content is clear, still life is a tool that really works. That is the strength of our projects.

We put in the technique, each set is the result of a fine tuning of the photographic variables: depth of field, sharpness, light and shadow play are the tools through which we paint the image to suit.

Being impeccable in technique is not enough, you need a clear stylistic concept. Cosmetics require perfection in visual expression, the rest is left to the magic of high-level post-production. The result is what convinces at a glance, the message gets through.

Video branding for cosmetic brands: strong visual and recognisable identity

The strength of the video lies in the use of an emotional language. The intent is to tell a story, describing the product and aligning it with its brand values. Communication, thus, goes to an even more intense level.

The social approach is the form that goes best with video promotion, but a targeted slant is needed to ensure that the message is conveyed to the target audience. You have to surprise but also enthrall, that is how a story can capture attention.

The stylistic feature is emotional, video promotion is one of the approaches that reaches the customer the most, but the tool works when it enhances the product but does not distort reality. Sincerity is the basis and rewards the right ideas.

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Creation of e-commerce websites for cosmetics

The online landscape is no longer the future but represents the present in everyday life. Cosmetics and the electronic marketplace are the elements of an inseparable pair: a website increases brand prestige but above all is a catalyst for conversions.

E-commerce works when it multiplies reach, guaranteeing effective shopping even when physical stores are not operational, but above all if it offers competitive selling prices. The online channel is the friendly tool of large numbers and this makes all the difference.

Selling online means meeting standards in the presentation of products but also knowing how to exploit the mechanisms of SEO, here it is the content that makes the difference. Being unique means standing out from all the others, succeeding is a matter of quality.

Marketing for cosmetics start-ups

The world of cosmetics does not forgive mistakes, especially when they are made by those trying to get started. Using a dedicated tool is the only useful approach to get started without making any missteps.

Working in cosmetics means dealing with a sea of competitors, a professional approach is needed from the very first moment. Analysing the target group and competitors, building a brand identity but also developing a logo that works are the first steps to take.

Then there is the elaboration of credible packaging and the practical realisation of the executions. All this is not enough as there is content to be prepared along with the website. Getting started means a lot of work, and it needs to be done well so that the investment is not in vain. That is why an editorial plan should be on the ball right from the start.

Social media marketing for the cosmetics industry

Strategic marketing is marketing that knows how to exploit communication channels to effectively reach the desired target group. Saying cosmetics means speaking the language of social media and diving into the great sea of 3.0 communication.

It is the right ideas that move the market, but these run the risk of drying up if there is no clear communication strategy to back them up. Talking on social media means dosing the photographic channel but also the video and commercial writing channels.

The customer is increasingly demanding and less sensitive to claims, content is needed to support a product that can deliver on the premise. That is why choosing a highly sector-specific partner is the decision that works.

Our mission at Studio Concept is clear: to accompany cosmetic brands towards success through strategic and targeted choices. From eye-catching packaging design, to the creation of still life images that hit the mark, from the production of brand videos that tell emotional stories, to the creation of functional e-commerce websites, our approach is always oriented towards excellence and innovation.

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