Still life Set for Cortil Glow One Line and Products

Content Production / Creatività / Still life

Studio Concept Trends & Shots has created many refined for Cotril Still Life photo shoots. This photographic technique shows, with scrupulous attention to detail, the specific character of the product, evoking with great skill also those which are the forces that determine the character of the sponsored company.
The careful and refined use of black highlights the elegance and style that Cotril represents in the professional hair cosmetics market, while the use of pastel-colored backgrounds and supports instills a great sense of genuineness to evoke the formulas of basic natural products in shampoos and color treatments.

Born in Milan in 1971, Cotril has become, in 50 years of continuous research and development, a real point of reference for glamor, fashion, and luxury Made in Italy.
The uniqueness and exclusivity of Cotril products have made the Italian brand a true excellence in the luxury sector, making it the reference point in the colouring, treatments, and styling sectors.
Refinement and quality are the pillars of Cotril, which through continuous research in the area of ??glamor, color, and style, has placed this brand as the beating heart of catwalks, film sets, and high fashion backstage.
In the colouring line, excellence is represented by a product, the result of research and innovation: “Glowe One”
With the low ammonia concentration formula and the revolutionary “oil transport system” technique, this colour is applied evenly from root to tip, resulting in long-lasting colour fullness. Available in 94 different shades, this product creates a real new colorimetric taste.
Cotril’s Styling line is designed to create excellent hairstyles. These products, applied before and after drying the hair, allow you to create perfect looks and enhance its essence in a few steps.
The styling line includes “Curl Cream”, Cotril’s defined curly cream, which is formulated with vegetable oils, gives curly hair hydration and shine, eliminating frizz and restoring a natural wave.
Another help for curly hair comes from “YO” an amplifying cream, which by defining and separating curls and waves, increases the hair elasticity, with a magnificent result in terms of volume and texture.
Another excellence is represented by the “Shine” polishing spray which, with an innovative formula, gives the hair brightness and brilliance.
By also improving the manageability and highlighting the reflections, the result is a complete and sensational product.
“Wind” is a strong hairspray that protects the hair from humidity while maintaining the hairstyle and its brilliance.
Finally, “Texture” is a volumizing spray, which gives dull hair volume and texture, absorbing sebum and impurities that damage it and embellishing it with a pleasant fragrance.

The Cotril Professional Shampoo line offers daily hair care, allowing specific cleansing for every need.
The “Nutro” shampoo formulated with Horsetail, Olive, and Monoi oils is dedicated to dull, dry, and frizzy hair. With its specific action, it nourishes the hair more thoroughly, making it softer and shinier.
Dedicated to curly hair, the “Curl” shampoo with its nourishing and firming properties, disciplines curls flawlessly, eliminating frizz.
The hydrating shampoo “Hydra” is dedicated to dehydrated hair, with the formula based on milk proteins and olive oil, it hydrates the hair, making it healthier and shinier. Thanks to pomegranate extract and Vitamin E, it has an important antioxidant action.
For fine hair, the answer comes from the “Volume” shampoo which, thanks to cottonseed oil and ginger extract, gives volume to the hair, supporting the roots and counteracting their fragility.
All these types of shampoos are also available in the solid version to meet the ever-increasing “Green” demand.