Professional Photo Retouching for Mesauda Cosmetics and Makeup

Still life / Professional Photo Retouching

Studio Concept Trends & Shots has created an authentic masterpiece of colour and character for Mesauda and many other makeup brands, in a truly stunning still Life, through an accurate and profound Professional Photo Retouching technique.
Step by step, in a roundup of makeup bulk, Smudge and Materic Still Life, all the authentic character of Mesauda comes out. Its energy, its irrepressible strength and ethics evaporate from the overlapping games of the bronzers, powders, and waxes that make up its products.
A play of bright colours and shadows, punctuated by peaks of exhilarating shine that seem to bring lipsticks, eyeshadows, and nail polishes to life in their own light.
The cornerstone of Still Life’s work for Mesauda and other cosmetic brands is the quote “perfection is a right”, placed on the image of a broken Blush disk. A strong and evocative image of one of the main themes that animates Mesauda’s mission, which is to propose beauty for each person, protecting their uniqueness and diversity. Another cornerstone of the Retouching campaign is a heart made up of lipstick strokes, it seems to communicate to the public a great love and passion for beauty.
Mesauda was born from the synergy of the three Buaron brothers, where Victor’s creativity and inspiration, Amit’s strong entrepreneurial talent, and David’s administrative wisdom come together to give life to an Italian brand, which stands out for its dynamism and creative nature never taken for granted.
Studio Concept has collaborated for many years with Mesauda and has designed many projects, launches, collections, and products, with a 360 ° global work for many years:

  • Graphic design of many products of the Mesauda Milano makeup line.
  • Visual and coordinated image for many products launches in the range and collections.
  • Design of Mesauda Professional professional lines.
  • Catalogs of the cosmetic and Nail Professional lines.
  • Creation of the first Top Notch line of Mesauda.
  • Still life of all products and material set photos.
  • Creation of the first e-commerce site Mesauda Milano, on the Magento platform.
  • Creation of many video and photo content for social media and communication.
  • Bulk photo of the product.
  • Design of Mesauda skin care lines and related catalogs.
  • Victor started from scratch, and in Mesauda’s products, he puts with his creativity, all the effort, and strength he had to invest to reach his goal. For this reason, the brand’s products are dedicated to those who are not afraid to show their weaknesses, and ambitions and thus reveal their authentic beauty. Mesauda, ??which in Arabic means luck, has managed to represent the synthesis between beauty and the uniqueness of diversity as an authentic right for all.
    Its dynamic and youthful packaging and full compliance with the “Cruelty-Free” standards place Mesauda as an innovative and always avant-garde brand.
    The Mesauda lipstick line is a real strength of the brand. The vast assortment of Nuance and the different textures are suitable to satisfy every need. Vibrant colours, matt & shine finish, and soft and silky textures are the main features of these products designed to guarantee style and elegance.
    The Eyeshadow and Palette line is suitable for creating sophisticated and trendy looks. The palettes are designed to adapt to each complexion, highlighting the natural colours of the skin. Compact, bright, and nude textures allow you to create shades appropriate for any occasion.
    Mesauda pays great attention to the products of the base.
    The “Radiant Skin” foundation is suitable to normal and dry skin, and thanks to its delicate texture, it is easy to apply, while its buildable coverage gives the skin a completely natural look. Hyaluronic acid and the vitamin complex have a vital anti-aging and antioxidant action.
    The line of classic enamels by Mesauda allows a homogeneous and full application of the colour, thanks to the innovative “3D film” formula and thanks to the pro-wear technology, the manicure is flawless for many days.
    A product of excellence of the Mesauda brand is represented by the “Iconic Gel” semi-permanent nail polish. This nail polish, available in a wide range of colours, enjoys easy application, fast curing, and durability of up to four weeks. Its innovative formula does not damage the nails and allows unique coverage and flexibility.