Packaging, Concept, and Communication for DOMINO - Helen Seward

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Domino is a Helen Seward line designed especially for today’s man, more attentive than ever to the care of skin, hair, and beard. They called it the beauty routine: in reality, it is the art of loving yourself.
Watchwords: simplicity and elegance for a range of products destined to make every gesture perfect, from facial treatments to shaving, passing thru styling. The mix of tradition (with the products of the earth typical of the Mediterranean environment) and technology (long laboratory research to test the effects) are the key secrets of these high performing and completely made in Italy professional formulae.
So far, the product and the reasons for its excellence. But how to communicate it? How do you touch the consumers’ strings and determine the success of the line?
With such a precious raw material (the Domino line), communication runs on the thread of seduction. She made it for Helen Seward Studio Concept, who also designed the packaging and product design. The conquest of a woman has always been a male prerogative and passes thru charm. The physical aspect, of course, is quite another thing, but what man hasn’t wanted, at least once in his life, to step into the shoes of a sex symbol?
Then there is all the mastery of the communication agency that designed the professional hair line, the graphic concept, the visual tools at the point of sale and to the final consumer, and oversaw the launch and image of this line of cosmetic hair products specific for men branded Helen Seward.
The Studio Concept communication for Helen Seward’s Domino line fully reflects the soul of their composition to the model of all sex and muscles of the great international stylists, who have engaged (also) in perfume lines by focussing on manifest sensuality. Simplicity and elegance, we had said. But to express what?
First of all, safety: the man next door certainly makes you less uncomfortable than a sex symbol as beautiful as it is smug and unattainable. The charming neighbour is the one who, yes, takes care of his appearance, from the face to the muscles but does not flaunt: he lives. And therefore, he seduces by reassuring. The Domino man by Helen Seward is exactly that: it causes a ripple effect that starts from the beauty routine and reaches the subtle conquest. The common thread? Everyday life, good habits, and enthusiasm renewed every day but maintained over time. Resisting? It is almost impossible. And success is guaranteed.


Simplicity, elegance and respect are Domino’s watchwords,
treatment, styling and shaving products
without giving up a feeling of total well-being,
highly performing, thanks to professional formulas
and technological complexes of raw materials
of natural Mediterranean origin

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