Packaging design and Still life for Nika Pigments

Packaging / Still life / Folder

Nika Hair Beauty Excellence has been manufacturing and distributing professional hair care and beauty products for over 12 years. The company has been pursuing its mission since 2012 with passion and dedication: to offer products of extreme quality and satisfy all the needs of its customers.

The Nika Hair Beauty Excellence brand focuses on excellence, elegance, refinement, and attention to the formulation of its products. The Nika Hair Beauty Excellence hair products line is safe and highly tolerable for any scalp cause it has been created with the support of advanced technologies.

Nika Pigments is the Nika Hair Beauty Excellence premium product line specially designed and studied for professional hair coloring. The liquid pigments of Nika Pigments products rebalance the reflections and give natural shades allowing you to revive any tone that is now dull and off. But not only that, the new Nika Pigments can be mixed modulating the quantity and therefore the intensity to create unique and original chromatic tones.

Still life packaging and presentation folder for Nika Pigments

Studio Concept followed the launch of the Nika Pigments line by taking care of the entire project and supporting the company, starting from the choice of packaging to the creation of the product presentation folder. Our team has created a unique and innovative style for Nika Pigments and has chosen color as the protagonist, placing it at the core of the entire communication campaign of the new line.

Packaging in the cosmetic sector is fundamental. It represents a powerful means of communication: Studio Concept knows this well, and that’s why that Nika Pigments products have been carefully studied and designed to surprise, communicate the essence of the brand and not go unnoticed. The black base of the package and the simplicity of its lines have highlighted and created contrast with the color of the hair pigment making it, if possible, even more, intense and brilliant.

The extremely simple but, at the same time, original and captivating design attracts attention and gives all the products of the new Nika Pigments line a unique charm capable of capturing the consumer’s gaze.

Still, life services and the creation of the presentation folder have also been structured to bring out the products of the Nika Pigments line, underlining their originality and the undisputed quality of the Nika brand.

The shots taken convey strong emotions, the contrast between the black of the packaging and the bright color of the background amazes, creating an intense and engaging visual impact. The presentation folder, on the other hand, strengthens the professionalism of the brand and originally communicates additional information, confirming the characteristics of the brand: elegance, quality, and originality.

Design of cosmetic lines for professional Hair Care products intended for salons and for resale. Studio Concept followed the entire creative and production process:
– definition of the general creative project
– packaging design
– executive for the press
– creation of the folder and line catalog
– still life single products
– set photography of cosmetic products with material elements
– color charts and all the useful tools for the sale

Progettazione della linea cosmetica Hair Care Nika liquid pigments:
packaging disegn / still life prodotto / post-produzione immagini/ rendering prodotto / progettazione folder e catalogo