Packaging, Communication, Still life for BBcolor Pigma

Packaging / Comunicazione / Still life

Studio Concept took care of a complete and modern restyling for BBcolor Pigma, a line of pigmented masks belonging to Helen Seward’s line of hair care and treatment products.

More than 15 references have been totally redesigned both graphically and stylistically. To this restyling we have associated a new form of communication, now more modern and appealing, which emphasises the natural origin of the ingredients used in the products with technology.

Every aspect of the realisation of the creative line was followed by Studio Concept, from the conception of the concept to the realisation of the packaging design to the choice of colours.

In addition, we took care of the graphics of the products, so as to guarantee a service that was taken care of in every detail and ready to be printed. The realisation of still life photographs, on a white background, as well as the general catalogue, may seem easy, but it is a very delicate choice. In fact, a strong knowledge of the language related to images is needed. The aim was to convey the style of the brand, i.e. an atmosphere of modernity that, at the same time, emphasises the creativity that the product brings out.

What is BBColor Pigma?

This mask from the Helen Seward line is a product that allows you to test a new way of conceiving colour. Its formula has been specially designed to ensure fast application on both natural hair and coloured, bleached or treated hair.

Thanks to its efficacy, BBcolor Pigma masks allow you to breathe new life into your colour, generating particularly creative shades and highlighting every reflection.

Its illuminating action and the nourishment it brings to the hair make it possible to achieve a brilliant and healthy hair effect, thanks also to its acid pH base that contains no harmful and aggressive products, but only natural, high-performance ingredients.

Helen Seward’s brand philosophy

This brand has a long history that we at Studio Concept wanted to highlight in the communication created for the BBcolor Pigma line. The company’s success is also due to its long and fruitful collaborations with famous hair-stylists from all over the world, so that it can meet the demands and needs of a market that is becoming increasingly competitive in this sector.

A staff of experienced technicians and highly precise formulators produce all Helen Seward brand products, following particularly rigorous methods that follow certified directives and ensure the highest quality at every stage of production.

As highlighted in the communication for this brand, all products, including the BBcolor Pigma line, represent a clear synthesis of innovation, technology, nature and tradition. The products of natural origin come from the Mediterranean and are processed using state-of-the-art technology, then packaged in practical packaging that we at Studio Concept have made more modern and appealing.