New beauty and cosmetics trends in 2022

New beauty and cosmetics trends in 2022 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

Every year the global cosmetics market comes up with new ingredients or methods for making beauty products. Acquainting yourself with them in advance means knowing which products to focus on for greater success in your cosmetics business.

How to figure out the newest trends in cosmetics

These days, the market changes so rapidly that it’s not easy to tell which trends will still be around after a year. Because of this, there are entire teams of people who are dedicated solely to this task, figuring out not only current trends, but also those that are on track to making the next commercial successes of 2022. This brings us to an optimistic forecast; in the next year the cosmetics market is set to return to pre-Covid ways, according to Gian Andrea Positano, president of the Centro Studi Cosmetica Italia, Italy’s National Association of Cosmetics Companies.

Must-haves among the latest cosmetics products

Even though we will see that there is room for all sorts of products and ingredients, it’s important to recognize these 2 future trends, which will be essential to launching successful new cosmetics products.
Sustainability right from the packaging. Packaging is your product’s business card. Choosing sustainability in the production of your packaging (and properly indicating this choice on that packaging) is something that consumers like, particularly reducing the use of plastic. You may wish to extend your sustainable choices to the product itself, but never by compromising on effectiveness, as in this case.
Transparency and social proof. 74% of consumers are more willing to go with brands that feature customer reviews on their site, according to a recent Nosto report, which also indicated a preference for unphotoshopped images. If you want to avoid compromising on the aesthetics of your product, professional photography can really make all the difference, as you can see in these captivating examples. Let’s move onto some unique trends in cosmetics.

Chlorophyll: an ingredient in vogue

The first sign of this trend was when chlorophyll became a trend on TikTok, the social platform that dictates new trends and makes them quickly go from local to global. Chlorophyll is among the most sought-after cosmetic ingredients online and could be an essential ingredient for a successful cosmetic product. It not only gives vitality to the skin, but also can be used as a supplement to improve beauty “from within”.

Supplements: edible cosmetics

According to Trendalytics, the consumption of supplements for beauty purposes is on the rise. However, swallowing a product is an act that involves considerably more trust than simply applying a product to the skin, and so, to help alleviate the consumer’s understandable doubts, it’s best to make use of ‘safe’ retailers, such as pharmacies or successful multi-brand sites, and to have a formula made of substances naturally present in the human body. For example, collagen supplements are already widespread, because the skin’s natural production of collagen begins to deteriorate from the age of 25, and so those who make regular use of the supplement can boast better skin and improved wellbeing, such as through its beneficial effects for joints.

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Probiotics and postbiotics: skin microbiota health trends

This is a trend that connects to what we just talked, combining aspects of beauty and health, linked as it is to caring for your skin microbiota. The microbiota is all the microorganisms that inhabit various parts of our body. Every microbiota – intestinal, oral, cutaneous – has a balance that needs to be maintained to ensure optimum function and health. Improving the balance in the skin’s microbiota means strengthening the skin’s ability to act as a barrier against the continuous onslaught of external agents such as smog. It seems that the next step in 2022 could be talk of postbiotics as a cosmetic ingredient, for their ability to strengthen the immune system.

Cannabis: an enduring trend

The news comes from none other than Cosmoprof Discover Beauty – the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis continue to be highly valued even in cosmetics. Soothing and calming, cannabis can be the basis of cosmetic products that combine style and effectiveness, and can span the range of face, hair, and body products. Hemp oil in particular, especially if organic, is a very effective anti-oxidant.

Cosmetic ingredients for those who dare

Novelties in the cosmetic world are always plentiful. Massive amounts of resources are invested every year in the hope of finding definitive solutions to various problems, in particular to that of skin aging. Among the most talked-about ingredients for 2022, Elle magazine mentions bakuchiol, which is taken from an Indian plant and suitable for the most sensitive skins. There’s also the Jerusalem cherry, a berry that actually comes from Brazil and is usually used for Christmas decorations, which has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.
A probable inclusion in upcoming cosmetics products may be volcanic ash. Known for its ability to make soils incredibly fertile, it could likewise give renewed vitality to skin. There is also talk of makgeolli, the Korean rice wine that was once made and used by doctors for its anti-inflammatory properties. ‘Soothing’, ‘calming’, and ‘softening’ are recurring terms surrounding 2022 cosmetics trends, and signal the recovery of the sector after the pandemic.

2 post-pandemic cosmetics trends

The pandemic has changed the market, directing demand into two macro-trends that apply worldwide.

  • Beauty as health and protection: we have seen strong trends toward products that promote skin health, even internally. It is a natural attitude of self-protection and self-care.
  • Desire for play and amusement: a desire for sociability, fun and light-heartedness returns in the wake of the pandemic. This feeling can also be seen in fashion shows; glow makeup for maximum radiance, backcombed hair, and M.A.C. Cosmetics’ ear makeup seen on the Collina Strada catwalk. Could ear makeup be the successful new cosmetics product of 2022?

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