Discover the Top Luxury Italian Influencers of 2023

Discover the Top Luxury Italian Influencers of 2023 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

If you work in the cosmetics sector, you need to be clued in on the most important trends concerning the world of luxury influencers and their social media channels that are successful in the beauty sector. Today we’ll take a look at the top personalities with the biggest followings. You may not be able to hire them, but they will be an example to follow when making decisions, or even if you try to become an influencer yourself.

The influencer market: why so much success?

The influencer market has gone through massive growth in recent years. It is estimated that 56% of women follow at least one influencer, especially those who post about beauty. There are many reasons for this. A good influencer does not disrupt anything on our feed, but simply provides more entertainment. Moreover, being a real person, over time they develop a community that puts trust in their opinions, and this trust helps make advertising with them more authentic. When it comes to influencers, social media users especially love communication on Instagram and videos on YouTube, where you get a wide variety of formats – tutorials, videos about their day, tips and tricks, and so on. Even luxury brands, initially the most resistant to letting go of old marketing habits, have now taken on influencer marketing, obviously going with influencers that have international fame.

How a top influencer is born: creators and celebs

Some names now universally famous were once completely unknown, but have with initiative and creativity now earned themselves a huge audience. These are people with some specific passion, like fashion, beauty, or cooking, or even things like music and philosophy. Just by talking about the things they love in a personal and distinctive way, they are able to make an impact. Two examples in particular, in two different fields, Chiara Ferragni and Benedetta Rossi, are queens of fashion and cuisine in Italy. Another phenomenon is the ‘already famous’ influencer. Those who start with a reputation in other fields can make use of it on social media, turning their fanbase into followers, even if they talk about things other than what they’re famous for. Examples of this include Cristiano Ronaldo, who often talks about wellbeing, or the actress Emma Watson who likes to discuss politics. But who are the top influencers in the luxury sector?

Chiara Ferragni, the entrepreneurial influencer

Chiara Ferragni’s work was born from a passion. The need to share her love for fashion, her choices of outfit, and exciting fashion discoveries led her to use the very first social media platforms. She broke into the industry while blogging in the United States, opening her famous blog ‘The Blonde Salad’ in 2009, which quickly became a fully-fledged international magazine. Her potential in Italy was first recognized by the magazine Grazia, that offered her the first of countless covers.

The economic marvel of Chiara Ferragni

According to reports from Milan and Finance, last year this digital entrepreneur had a turnover of 19 million euros. Her story shows that it’s important to start out with a realistic attitude and to always try to broaden one’s horizons. Indeed, over time she has diversified her business activities with the consulting company Sisterhood (which deals with marketing consulting and talent management), The Blonde Salad brand, the Fenice company’s Chiara Ferragni Collection brand, and of course her social network channels, which alone seem to make up 200,000 euros of her yearly income, as reported by Corriere dello Sport.

Gianluca Vacchi, the influencer with a philosophy of luxury

Where Chiara Ferragni went from infuencer to entrepreneur, Gianluca Vacchi did the opposite. Graduating in economics and once destined to follow in his father’s footsteps in the family business, the 54-year-old earned his nearly 21 million followers by flaunting his lavish lifestyle. Not only does he show himself off surrounded by beautiful things and having amazing experiences, but he also and above all exemplifies a philosophy of life, which is explained in his book ‘Enjoy’, published in 2016. The title is an exhortation to enjoy life in each and every moment. The story of Gianluca Vacchi teaches us that we must never take anything for granted and that sometimes a path that seems set in stone can in fact be changed. Diversification, once again, is crucial. Vacchi has explored (and continues to explore) all possible avenues, from singing, to DJ’ing, to his various fashion collections.

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Veronica Ferraro, luxury and beauty influencer

As everyone knows, Veronica Ferraro is one of Chiara Ferragni’s best friends and, it seems, is in fact the one who advised her to start her blog. Indeed, the name ‘The Fashion Fruit’ seems to be inspired by The Blonde Salad. Posting from her Instagram page, Veronica Ferraro is a very credible figure in the world of fashion thanks to her standing as a model. Her physique – amazing like her brand – also makes her suitable for giving advice on nutrition and training. Don’t settle for just one passion!

Mariano Di Vaio, a top influencer between fashion and family

Mariano Di Vaio is a model with a top face and physique, known for having modelled for big fashion designers. He made it so that there was finally a fashion blog for men, and is ever more involved in the world of fashion and luxury. Mariano Di Vaio’s success began with his company MdV Style, now an e-commerce magazine dedicated to his brand Nohow. A further boost to his popularity came from the influencer’s personal life, being married since 2015 and expecting his fourth child. Mariano’s story shows that it’s worth trying out new ways of doing things, for example by trying to appeal to new audiences.

Chiara Nasti

Nastilove, both an Instagram profile and also a jewelry e-shop, is a brand name owned by the top Neapolitan influencer Chiara Nasti, who at 23 already has almost two million followers. Starting at just 16 years old with a fashion and beauty blog, Chiara Nasti now has a body jewel range that she can model amazingly herself thanks to her pin up physique. This was no small achievement, and not just good luck. Chiara herself at the end of July said goodbye to her followers stating a need to get off social media, only to then reappear at the end of August.

Luxury business owners becoming influencers for their own brand

The world of fashion and luxury has taken quite some time to change its ways. But fashion entrepreneurs have ultimately concluded that it’s worth getting involved in the world of social media, and to put up with the autonomy enjoyed by the top influencers, who are not always easy to manage and are quite financially demanding. However, because of this, there are more and more luxury entrepreneurs working to promote their brand themselves, from Elisabetta Franchi to Brunello Cucinelli. Discover the best fashion sites that sell cosmetics online – the two worlds are closer than you think.

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