Social Media, Content, and Still life for Villa Paradiso Cosmetics

Social Media / Content / Still life

Villa Paradiso, made in Italy excellence, is commonly recognized for the extreme quality of its products, so much that it is considered a luxury beauty brand. The line of products of the Villa Paradiso Cosmetics company has been developed with the support of advanced technologies that guarantee superior quality. The formulation of the skincare produced by the company was carried out with a conscious and scientific choice of ingredients, ensuring biocompatible and tolerable cosmetic products even with the most delicate skin. Studio Concept took care of the communication on Social Media and the Content Still life of a body product, and all the Villa Paradiso Cosmetics face masks for the group.

Social campaign

The social campaign of face masks and body scrubs was created and carried out by the idea of ??wanting to convey to the consumer the difference existing between the products of Villa Paradiso Cosmetics compared to all similar alternatives on the market.
The team dedicated to the project followed the progress of the campaign on a daily basis and repeatedly introduced elements that intrigued the target audience and pushed them to deepen their knowledge of the products. In the posts and in general, in the choice of sponsorship channels, the quality of the ingredients and the scientific study carried out behind the formulation of all the face masks and the exfoliating body scrub was highlighted.
The images and related reference captions have been chosen with care and have faithfully reconfirmed the image of the company according to its three main characteristics: simplicity, cleanliness, and elegance.

Content Still life

Before the social campaign, the Content Still life of the Villa Paradiso Cosmetics face masks and body scrub was created.
Our team took shots for the company with a settings suited to the brand’s concept.
Nothing was left to improvisation; every single object in the shots has been chosen with care and the attention to detail that characterizes our agency.

Exfoliating body scrub Villa Paradiso Cosmetics

As with all Villa Paradiso dermo-cosmetic products, the exfoliating body scrub has a unique formulation and is also suitable for the most sensitive and delicate skin. The precious ingredients give it a soft texture and a pleasant fragrance, preparing the skin to receive subsequent cosmetic treatments.

Face mask Villa Paradiso Cosmetics

The five face masks produced by Villa Paradiso Cosmetics have been formulated to meet the different needs of the skin. The soft clay mattifying mask, for example, has been designed for particularly acneic and impure skin while, on the contrary, the Gold Mask with its hydrogel formulation embellished with bioassimilable 24-carat gold particles, is specially designed for the most sensitive and delicate. All the ingredients used for the formulation of the face masks are dermatologically tested and are highly tolerable by any skin type.

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