Foto still life for Pupa Candy Punk

Still life

The photo shoot conducted by our Studio Concept communications agency enhances the products to the fullest thanks to the still life technique. Designed for cosmetics, the products are photographed with a particular focus on the details, selecting the best shots and improving their yield and effect on the consumer with post-production techniques.

These make use of specific software to convey the brand’s message and values as precisely as possible, or alternatively the potential of the individual product (or line of products), through one or more shots.

Images are an essential component of marketing strategies in this industry, and can truly make the difference.

Still lifes allow a rapid, yet high-impact representation, designed to attract the attention of customers in various media.

Photos can be shot and edited in such a way that they can be adapted to magazines, websites, or any other type of advertisement on a different medium. All this is done using the most cutting-edge techniques, identifying and adapting a certain setting, creating special effects and plays of light able to enhance the preferred features of the product.

The still life photo shoots allude to the sophisticated and exclusive nature of art, concentrating on the distinguishing features of the company, especially the small things, able to create genuine masterpieces.

Every step is essential, from the choice of colours to convey a certain sensation, to the choice of photographic effects and post-production techniques; essentially, how the image is edited and using which techniques. The Pupa Candy Punk products were thus highlighted, underscoring their colours, different textures, and strengths, showing the customer the quality and exclusivity of the product.

Pupa Milano is a brand appreciated for its creativity, modernity, design, and beauty, all strictly Made in Italy. It proposes make-up and skin care products characterised by high quality and innovation. It is an advocate of style and the Italian spirit, transmitting culture through its artistic identity to more than 70 countries worldwide.
The shootings in collaboration with this brand were for the Candy Punk collection.

Among the most popular and recommended Pupa products, we find Natural Side Lipstick, a pure and bright-coloured lipstick made with 88% natural ingredients.

Easy Liner Lips on the other hand is a lip liner available in 18 different shades. It defines the lips, giving them full colour. The product has a soft and comfortable texture, and the pencil draws a precise, fluid line. It is also excellent as a base for lipstick. Its formula includes a mix of Innovative Oils and waxes, each with emollient properties that help maintain its characteristics.

The Vitamin E is yet another essential ingredient, which performs a hydrating and antioxidant function.

Lasting Color Extreme Kit Primer and Top Coat are part of the line designed for nails. Two products with a three-step process: primer, colour and top coat, to give an ultra-shiny touch and long-lasting hold over time. Extreme Primer is the long-lasting base which protects the nail, and is ideal for the application of Lasting Color Extreme.

Extreme Top Coat on the other hand is the final touch, the product that ensures best colour fixing, creating a unique film.