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Studio Concept created a line of professional hair products designed to allow everyone to achieve a styled, sculpted, and radiant look from their own home. The Indaco line is compatible with all hair types and has a green soul, including multi-protective formulas and organic extracts in complete respect of the environment and the hair’s health.

The Indaco line is characterised by five distinct characteristics: the Shape line, designed for curly hair, is ideal for achieving soft and defined curls.
The Volume line gives all hair types extra and unique volume immediately after washing.
The Shine line gives hair added shine and eliminates frizz from the lengths and roots, without greasing or weighing down the hair.
Products in the Hold line give body and structure, allowing the firm and matt look much-coveted by boys and girls alike in recent times.
Lastly, Care is the line designed to give life to natural, disciplined hairstyles: the products eliminate frizz and split ends, giving softness and shine.

Design of packaging for cream and general design of Indaco Styling System line by Helen Seward.
– Line concept
– Packaging design
– Emotional photography of collective line
– Folder, catalogue, and all launch tools

Catalogue photography for CURL DEFINER elasticising cream

The Curl Definer elasticising cream in the Shape – Form and Volume line, is a product that shapes and defines curls, with an anti-frizz effect. This cream is ideal for obtaining soft and well-defined hair.
Applying a dollop of product on damp hair and shaping it section by section, the hair is defined, softened, maintaining its style over several days.

The Shape – Form and Volume line was designed by Studio Concept experts for the treatment of curly hair, often invaded by poor-quality products that fail to do what they promise. The result is often dull, weighed-down hair, especially when too much product is applied in an effort to obtain volume.
Products in the Indaco line on the other hand, thanks to their texture and extra-strong hold, with just a small amount of product and by carefully shaping each section, make it possible to achieve a curly, voluminous look, protected against atmospheric agents which increasingly end up damaging the lengths.

The Shape line is suited to all, including those with curly hair, which needs to be worked section by section following the natural shape of the lengths, and making sure to dry with a diffuser, and also those who want to occasionally experiment with a new look, without drying out the hair, which goes back to being straight and dull after a few hours.

What is elasticising cream?

Elasticising cream is an excellent ally for well-defined, soft, elastic curls.
It is a convenient, easy-to-use product: based on the desired definition and type of curls being styled, apply a suitably sized dollop of product and spread it over wet hair, using your fingers to shape the curls.
Drying the hair with the diffuser, without ever touching it with your hands, will give the hair lasting softness, definition and elasticity thanks to the protection against humidity, all characteristics certain to last for a number of days.

The elasticising cream for curls does not grease the hair or give it a damp or wet look; once the lengths have been dried, all residual product will be eliminated.
Even the most frizzy hair will be disciplined and defined, and knots will be easily untangled, offering results that are beautiful to see, and soft to the touch.

Catalogue photography for STYLING MOUSSE

The Styling Mousse has a medium hold allowing a defined look, giving the hair body and volume.
The bottle must be shaken before application, then apply one dollop – the size will depend on the amount of hair to be treated and the type of curl – to be evenly spread on the lengths using your hands.

The Styling Mousse gives shine to lengths and offers extra volume, guaranteeing a relatively long hold over time.
It is the ideal product both for those wanting to change their look, or those seeking greater definition for their curls, which tend to frizz or drop shortly after washing.

What is styling mousse?

The styling mousse is the best product to ensure a certain hairstyle lasts over time, with a voluminous and natural look. The styling mousse allows voluminous hairstyles even with the heaviest and thickest hair.

The styling mousse is applied on damp hair, from the roots to the tips using a comb or fingers; when drying the hair, the hair dryer temperature must be adjusted from hot at the start, to cold at the end, to ensure the effect is held.

Catalogue photography for DRY SHAMPOO

The Dry Shampoo in the Volume – Volume and Body line is a water-free shampoo that cleanses the scalp without weighing down the hair. The shampoo is applied dry on the scalp, giving the hair volume and softness as if it had been freshly washed.
The bottle should be shaken well before use, and then sprayed on the roots of the hair, keeping the bottle at a distance of about 30 centimetres from the head; after about a minute, the hair should be thoroughly brushed as if it had just been washed.

The Volume – Volume and Body line is designed to offer extraordinary volume to all hair types, while maintaining a natural and flexible look.
Thanks to the products in this line, even the thinnest and heaviest hair can finally be more beautiful than ever: these products, which are excellent for creating all types of hairstyles or straightening after washing, give a natural, well-groomed look, eliminating frizz and knots from the lengths.