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Attention to the planet is a global necessity: we prefer glass (or cardboard) to plastic, we replace boilers, appliances, and air conditioners, redo the fixtures in the house and limit the consumption of meat.
Some think twice even before flying: it is not surprising that a green-friendly and plastic-free solution has also landed in the sector of exceptional consumables.
Shower gels, shampoos, and conditioners take off the bottles and become … solid.
And the wrapper (the plastic bottle) vanishes. They look like bars of soap but are activated with water and are even better than traditional products. Albogroup produces them for Italy with its own brand Solid.O Original, studied and designed by our communication agency beauty Studio Concept.
The revolution consists of the fact that, altho it looks like soap, actually, solid products do not contain soap at all. The reason is simple: solid shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel are not the result of saponification, a process consisting of mixing a fatty substance (often oils) with soda: the resulting chemical reaction creates the soap.
In Solid.O products, there is a washing base with surfactants (therefore, foaming agents) of vegetable origin, oils, and butters extracted from plants, essential oils, and precious perfumed essences.
And that’s it: a list that doesn’t exceed 15 ingredients versus an average of 40 components of traditional shower gel and shampoo. Bottled shampoos also contain water (70-90%). And the water requires the addition of preservatives. Since they do not contain water, solid shampoos do not require the use of preservatives. They are, therefore, all without exception parabens-free.
In a nutshell, a concentrate of health that is also beautiful to give as gifts, since, like soaps, shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, and creams, they can take on different shapes and, of course, also multiple colours, which are 100% natural, such as Solid.O Original. is keen to clarify.
Zero plastic, zero waste, zero limitations (how many bottles did we leave at the airport metal detector because they exceeded the capacity of 100 ml?) And also zero risks thanks to the absence of parabens.

Concept, Content and Adv

The Studio Concept agency took care of the communication and graphic concept of Solid.O Original, the writing of the texts and storytelling, the contents of the website, and the launch advertizing campaign. The model used refers to substantial advertizing: no frills, no testimonials, and a strong concept to be communicated in a coherent and modern way.
Only the product, naked and raw, speaks for itself, and pretty much, but above all, it makes people talk about it.
The specific line of Solid Cosmetics designed by Studio Concept has become one of the leading products in cosmetics for hotels that to reduce costs waste, and contribute significantly to the protection of the environment, and the reduction of plastic are using more and more plastic free cosmetics just like Solid. O Original.

Innovative eco-sustainable plastic free cosmetics in solid form.
Shampoos and conditioners for hair in solid format without the use of plastic,
Solid shower gel and shower shampoo with organic natural ingredients.
SOLID.O is a new experience of conscious beauty that gives your gestures
beauty routine the value of a sustainable choice for personal care and for a
positive change for the planet.

Sustainable beauty for body and hair with SOLID.ORIGINAL solid cosmetics.
A good revolution for the environment.

Say no to plastic, save the earth.

SOLID.O is a new experience of conscious beauty that gives the gestures of your beauty routine the value of a sustainable choice for personal care and positive change for the planet. Innovative cosmetic products in solid version that come to life in the hands at the simple contact with water and release all their vitality and creaminess. Without using plastic and without polluting the environment.