Still Life Photography for Beauty Spa cosmetic products

Concept Still life

Beauty Spa is a brand that strives to create beauty. Through latest generation technology and constant updates on the latest dermatological research, it is able to create unique products characterised by high performance and cutting-edge formulas. It deals mainly with the face and body, anticipating trends thanks to innovative responses to the most common problems.

The inspiration for new products is sought in nature, while the method is strictly scientific with the aim of improving people’s lives. It is a Made in Italy brand, a combination of passion, experience, and foresightedness, as well as incredible reliability and quality.

For this brand, Studio Concept took still life photos, a technique aimed at representing the photographed object or product in the best way possible.

It is part of a series of processes aimed at creating a high-impact image of a line of products so as to attract customers towards the brand. This type of work allows the creation of a specific illustration using the most suitable setting and lighting to enhance that which the company wishes to promote.

We find ourselves in an historical era focused on appearance, even more so on the web, where the appreciation for a certain brand can be evaluated in just a few seconds. It is important to keep up with the times and choose a marketing strategy able to attract attention to the brand’s advertising, using efficient communication techniques. “Still Life” refers to a stylistic elegance typical of more or less modern art, focused on the details and able to create masterpieces with merely visual, but never trivial representations.

Various shots are taken before choosing the ones with the most potential and most suited to the desired final outcome. Different strategic and targeted choices will be made depending on the desired final result (for a website, magazine, or other type of advertisement).

Moreover, the photographic post-production must also be of the highest quality. To do so, various software is used to best elaborate the message to be conveyed.

The products included in the targeted photo shoot included the vitamin cell activator SPF-15 Vitabioma, a very efficient formula to offer the skin energy, which in turn becomes a stimulus for skin repair and regeneration. Its components include a bio-fermented yeast extract and an abundant supply of vitamins, including Vitamin E, F, PP and D. It is sold in a practical 50 ml jar with case.

Absolute, the redensifying multi-active serum is another formula developed by Beauty Spa, which was photographed in still life style.

Its main active ingredient promotes the vitality and bio-functionality of the skin tissue. It boasts a smoothing and muscle relaxant action, thanks to the presence of Waglerin 1 Biomimetic Peptides. The properties of another essential element, Copper Peptides, are defined as “controlled shock”, promoting restoration of the skin’s full functionality. It is very helpful in fighting the signs of ageing.

Superozone 1200 is another product included in the campaign. It is a super-concentrated ozonated oil, whose strength lies in the presence of the ozonated Sesame oil. Its use stimulates cellular activity and promotes skin regeneration and repair. It is excellent used in combination with other Beauty Spa treatments, improving the final result.


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