Packaging, Still life and Folder for Tricobio – l'Erboristica di Athena's

Packaging / Still life / Folder

The brand l’Erboristica di Athena’s is considered among the most important in the wide field of natural cosmetics for large distribution. Over the years, this reality has grown to become an important brand present on the market, with many prestigious and top quality lines.

The company has succeeded thanks to the realization of products adapted to every situation. Health and well-being are no longer a utopia with the help of accessories selected with all due care, after a careful work to the needs of the public.

Studio Concept created the design of the natural line for Tricobio hair. It is a highly specialized natural line for hair care and treatment, with ingredients of natural origin and with truly professional results. Natural is also a major player in the Hair Care sector and Tricobio is an example of this.

The disciplining shampoo is a clear example of how Tricobio decided to focus on an uncommon quality. It is an anti-frizz product, which can give the right hydration even to very thick crowns. Each hairstyle becomes smooth and shining, with the chance to highlight a beauty without borders.

The packaging of the individual products was designed by Studio Concept following well-defined rules, with the aim of making the product with a natural yet technical taste given its professional vocation.

The communication work carried out by Studio Concept for this specialized cosmetic line for hair care has involved the realization of the creative photographic concept, the realization of all product images and product renders and the design of the communication tools necessary for the sale: commercial line folders, line folders for the consumer, exhibitors and much more.

Ideazione del design dei packaging per una linea cosmetica biologica per capelli.
– Packaging Design
– Concept della comunicazione
– Still life e rendering
– Folder e Catalogo
– Materiali sul punto vendita