Still life photography for Tesori D'oriente

Still life

The East has always been the symbol of body care (as well as that of the soul). Just to name it the suggestion captivates the mind: scents of incense, bath salts, essential oils, and silks in bright colours. And the charm in the shower is renewed every time, giving respite to the body and peace to the mind. In short, travel is a new experience: this is the original vision of the company that is now a market leader. Tesori d’Oriente was one of the first products to make quality and refinement within everyone’s reach. Here is the reason for its success.
The holistic concept between physical and mental balance and body care as a moment of meditation are the pillars of this successful and historic range of products, which today has 19 variants in the cream shower section alone. Excellence is totally a made in Italy in the research and formulation of olfactory alchemies.
Finally, if we talk about travel, how can we not mention respect for the environment? Tesori d’Oriente believes in lasting well-being, in harmony with nature. That is the reason why parabens, mineral oils, and synthetic dyes are absent in its products.
Tesori d’Oriente has written in the mission the goal of limiting the environmental impact by choosing surfactants of vegetable origin and preferring aluminium as the packaging material of the products: noble, recyclable, and eco-sustainable.
The suggestion: how to represent it without contaminating it? The suggestion is personal, it is unleashed in everyone in a different way. It should be told, not represented. This is the still life philosophy created by Studio Concept. And after all, how can philosophy be represented? So here is the still life of the communication agency that leaves the object alone.
The success of Tesori d’Oriente over time has meant that anyone, at least once in their life, has had one of its products at home. This is why proposing it in its essentiality is enough to release the imagination, the journey you prefer, or the memory of a pleasant experience perhaps made in summer when the heat enhances any fragrance.
The still life of Tesori d’Oriente is like this: let your imagination run free, the olfactory experimentation, the care of body and soul. And so the effect is to crave a shower and savour the cream that slowly glides over the body while the mind allows itself to escape and a well-deserved rest.