Still life Product Photos for Kiko Milano Holiday Gems Collection

Still life
For the new Holiday Gems Christmas collection by Kiko Milano, Studio Concept developed high-quality still life photos. Photos were taken and specifically studied to impress the public, and the results were a success.
The company was responsible for the product photo shoot from start to finish, carefully defining the strategy and creating specific photographic sets, even seeing to the post-production of the photos themselves. The Kiko Cosmetics Christmas collection was inspired by the holiday period, creating photos of both individual and collective products, post-producing the shots with highly effective photo editing.

Through the still life photos, Studio Concept managed to best represent the elements of this cosmetics collection, thus creating the perfect and most captivating image for customers. Through the post-production of the images obtained from the photo shoot, certain essential characteristics were then edited and corrected, such as the lighting, colour, and even the clarity of the photo.
With an important focus on the details, the team at Studio Concept managed to create truly spectacular photos, which attract customers and reflect all the founding values of the producer company.

But what is a still life product photo?

Photos are extremely important in this day and age where we often buy products from behind a computer screen, persuaded precisely by the images of the products we are shown. Of course, however, in order to sell the product based purely on a photo, it must be specifically studied to ensure it fulfils this task.

The visual impact, whether online or in a physical store, is the first to influence the future consumer, so it is essential that it guides the user in the right direction: towards buying the product. This is why commercial photography is so important, regardless of what is being sold, because it is the first contact the customer has with the company, and therefore needs to succeed not only in selling the product, but also in conveying consistent and clear messages regarding the values of the company or store.

And of course, in an industry as beauty-conscious as the cosmetics market, images assume even more importance. In a physical store, the customer can touch or try the products first, but when these are sold online, the customer needs to be persuaded through the sole power of a photo.
To succeed in this enterprise, however, a team of experts is needed such as the one at Studio Concept, which has years of experience dealing with photography, communication, and art direction precisely in the cosmetics industry.

Still life is the name often used to define advertising photography. This photography technique effectively captures non-animated objects, creating photos of products in a studio, which can then be given a more technical, and therefore neutral and basic appearance, or a creative feel, such as for the Kiko Holiday Gems collection, where the photos are characterised by unusual and festive backgrounds.

Composition of Kiko Holiday Gems Christmas 2020 collection

The Holiday Gems collection by Kiko Cosmetics was designed to celebrate the Christmas 2020 holidays with a selection of new make-up. All products in this collection are a limited edition for the Christmas period and designed to make women sparkle throughout the festivities.

The Collection is made up of more than twenty completely new products, revisited in a Christmas theme with suitable colours and sparkling finishes to shine from head to toe. With special textures and sensory fragrances, everything recalls the charm of the festive season par excellence, the one we look forward to all year long: Christmas.

In Holiday Gems, Kiko Cosmetics proposes sets inclusive of a glittery gold pouch with lip and eye products, or brushes, but also products available for individual purchase. The more than twenty pieces in the collection range from nail polishes in different colours, all in sparkling, typically Christmas colours, to face powders, luminizers – a must-have for festive evenings – and of course lip products, similarly indispensable.
And lastly, the exclusive packaging won everybody over with its elegant emerald green and gold design, just like Christmas decorations.