Product and Marketing Photos for Fragrances Notebook

Still life / Adv

In the vast panorama of fragrances with intoxicating aroma, Notebook Fragrances is undoubtedly part of a medium-high range.

This is an ever-expanding reality, which proposes its models after a careful analysis of the market in which it operates. The Italian brand has grown over a very limited period of time, to become a remarkable point of reference for a wide circle of customers.

What does Fragrances Laptop offer? You can choose perfumes suitable for every taste. A clear example coincides with Bergamot & Sandalwood, an accurate mix between bergamot and sandal with a prevalence of citrus and woody chords. Cassis & Pink Pepper focuses on the bittersweet aftertaste of pink pepper, combined with lemon and bergamot tracts.

Don’t miss Citrus & Green Tea with a strong concentration of green tea, ginger and lemon, as well as Patchouli & Cedarwood with pink grapefruit and black pepper and Peony & White Musk with a fruity flavor, typical of sweet orange, apple and peach. The range is completed by Rose Musk & Vanilla and White Wood & Vetiver.

The unisex perfumes are highlighted thanks to the contribution of Studio Concept, which has created some still creative life and product set photos.

Still life set of the complete line of perfumes Notebook Fragrances and Adv design and window sign.