Graphics for packaging of Note di Testa Room Scent

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Graphics for packaging of Note di Testa Room Scent

Note di Testa Room Scent is the innovative room scent made with natural ingredients, carefully selected for their properties and characteristics.
The product packaging was developed by our agency in such a way as to reflect its unique characteristics and different nuances, using professional tools and software. The customer initially expressed their needs, which became the basis for the entire creative process that followed.
Brainstorming, sketches, 3D models are just some of the main steps defining the modus operandi of our Studio Concept agency, which has refined its techniques and expertise with every project.
Lastly, the final output was presented, that is the final packaging of the object, which in the case of Note di Testa Room Scent is characterised by captivating graphics up to step with the times, able to immediately capture the attention of potential buyers.
In addition to the packaging, for this product our agency also developed the advertising concepts, with a special focus on marketing and communication. The results were very quickly made clear: Note di Testa Room Scent achieved a remarkable exploit, with a significant number of potential buyers made aware of the product.
Passion, dedication, and attention to detail: these are our values, the elements characterising our commitment, the one we conveyed through our work for Note di Testa Room Scent.

Ingredients and composition of Note di Testa Room Scent

The ingredients of Note di Testa Room Scent were selected with the aim of creating a new, unprecedented and exclusive scent. The result is effectively geared in this direction, as proven by the high number of satisfied customers. The scent emanated by Note di Testa Room Scent recalls typical Mediterranean aromas, evoking the memory of a relaxing vacation by the sea, surrounded by the typical scrub under the warm sun with a light summer breeze, and the sweet smell of the salty sea.
Following is a list and description of the ingredients of this scent.
The first is Fleur de Sel, that is, small unrefined, low-sodium salt crystals from France, which are difficult to find in the free market because they are normally reserved to prestigious restaurants. Then there are Lemon Blossoms, which are picked before the fruit is born and have unique aromatic characteristics. Then the Myrtle, a plant well known for the liqueur it produces, but also for its extensive use in perfumes and skin products, some Marine Notes, which give the Room Scent the typical aroma of the Mediterranean Sea, Ozone, with its intense and alliaceous smell, which immediately stimulates the olfactory receptors, Neroli, a well-known essential oil with multiple uses, and lastly Water Lily, another ingredient largely used for its well-known aromatic properties.
Lastly, the so-called Base Notes of the scent include Cedar wood, with sweet and delicious notes, and Musks, which recall the typical smell of the Mediterranean scrub.

Room scents with diffuser sticks, what are they?

Note di Testa Room Scent is a room sent with diffuser sticks. These types of room scents are very popular on the market today, valued for their durability and ease of use. They eliminate unpleasant odours by releasing pleasant fragrances, and often take on the role of a genuine home furnishing, thanks to their unique design.
Regardless of the space where the room scent will be placed, you will always find one with the perfect look for your needs. The diffuser sticks are the means through which the scent is diffused throughout the space; they are inserted into the bottle, remembering that they need to be turned upside down once a week, and replaced after a few weeks. After some time, the material used to make them will in fact become worn, and their capacity to diffuse the scent will be reduced.
The bottle is normally placed in the centre of the selected room or space, so that the aroma can be evenly diffused throughout the entire space, thus preventing areas with either a stronger or fainter scent.
They are the first emotions that strike you and immediately clarify what you need to know. No words or information could be more precise. Only poetry!
They are like the sudden appearance of someone you love. The heart beating faster, the feeling of love at first sight that makes your heart burst and sparks your curiosity… like the start of a journey.
Note di Testa are scented stories tailor-made for your space. Precious fragrances that create intimacy and give form to the most authentic memories and emotions.
They are a tale with subtle details, the elegance of simplicity that gives a unique personality to the style of your space.

Absolute beauty! A journey to the East beyond time.

YANTARI cologne
Nothing in the world is stronger than sweetness.

TONKA marina
Wear something that speaks of heaven and wonder. I’m taking you to the sea!

How do you describe the smell of the sea in words?