Packaging, Graphics and concept for Nika Styling Secrets

Packaging / Graphics / Concept

The search for the concept best suited to hair styling products is even more important for a brand such as Nika Styling Secret. The company sells hair beauty and styling products, and its catalogue mainly includes hair drying accessories that can be used to create different hairstyles that best reflect the user’s personality and needs.

The service involved providing consultancy for the development of packaging and graphics to be used for the products. In line with the main characteristics, specifically heat protection, volume creation, long-lasting hold and shine, the graphics were studied with the aim of recalling the unique properties distinguishing the products through various images.

It was also proposed to insert photos of models to offer a reliable representation of the different types of styling that can be achieved using the products included in the campaign.
To this end, it was highlighted that the different products – each with different types of packaging selected based on the consistency and quantity of product that should be used with each wash – could be closely adapted to styles that could easily be created at home. Moreover, noir and neutral graphics were selected for the entire line, for their simplicity and efficacy.

The colour black helped emphasise the colours and different qualities of both the hairstyles and products themselves, which were then placed alongside each other to make the association between the different products and the relative styles even simpler.

In general terms, this service required careful planning, affording much attention to the features of the brand and qualities of the products offered on the market. Another important element that was taken into consideration was the desire to build the customer’s trust in both the product and its methods of use.

The latter is in fact one of the peculiar features that hair styling brands need to consider, especially when building a marketing campaign that needs to be as effective as possible, able to stimulate sales and create a relationship of trust with the brand, even in the long term.


The versatility of Styling Secrets makes it possible to modulate the hold of products by mixing the different liquids, or modifying the colour of the end result, adding Liquid Pigments.
With creativity and professionalism, you can create ever new looks.