Still life photos and photo retouching for Naj-Oleari

Still life / Professional Photo Retouching

Naj-Oleari is a producer of make-up made in Italy. The formula used to develop the products is based on a light texture, designed for a long-lasting hold.

The company has also created a catalogue of products to suit the various needs of customers looking to care for their face and body in the most suitable way depending on their age, sensitivity, and personal needs.
The service provided by the Conceptsnc communications agency on behalf of the aforementioned brand concerned products in various make-up lines, including gel-effect nail polishes in all the existing colours, matt lipsticks, eye-shadows, powders and various types of creams. The aim of the photographic advertising campaign was to insert the products in a context portraying them in their natural habitat, enhancing their qualities and peculiar, unique characteristics.

The style chosen to pursue this objective was to adapt the design and packaging itself of the products, which depending on the wrapping, style, and colour, required the insertion of a background and framing elements capable of focusing exclusively on the uniqueness of the products, making them sparkle in the eyes of the beholder. Among the various products, the gel-effect nail polishes enriched with emollient oils no doubt proved to be the most interesting.

The intense, full-bodied and opaque colours of the created texture were used as the main source of inspiration in designing photos able to best capture the characteristics of the product, which is precisely why it was chosen to show the application next to the bottle, so as to stimulate an almost multi-sensory experience in the viewer. Moreover, everything was based on the creation of a truthful campaign which showed the products along with each of their respective textures, able to inspire trust, entice the customer, and create a hype entirely respectful of the quality of the products themselves. The key elements of the entire service were colour, light, and … sincerity!

The main aim was to convey the style of the brand itself, and its relative elegance and sophistication through the impact photography typical of still life.
The preliminary product study was essential in creating the right mix of visual and textural effects, which were later materialised and found to be the most effective for this scope.

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Textured still lifes
In set still lifes
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