Packaging Design / Visual Concept / Ecommerce / Comunication

Milace Insuperabile is the new luxury skincare made with saffron grown organically in Italy,
and extracted with an innovative technology that enhances its extraordinary properties and cosmetic qualities.

A true synergistic anti-aging treatment that accompanies the skin’s rejuvenation processes,
restores new luminosity and gives a uniform complexion.

To produce excellence, nature needs time, cultivation is slow, harvesting is small, quality is extraordinary,
we are referring to a rare and precious raw material… time stops to sublimate the energy of nature.

Thanks to the extraordinary properties of Saffron and the other fine ingredients present in the formulas, Milace Insuperabile is a true anti-time.
It doesn’t take you back in time, but it’s a way to slow down the present and enjoy the moments. Today is the time for your skin to be the best expression of itself.

Studio Concept designed the brand with a 360° intervention: from the creation of the creative concept and packaging design to the creation of all communication, copy and e-commerce.