Packaging, Still life and Communication for Mesauda Aquacious Milano

Packaging / Still life / Communication

Aquacious is one of the first high hydration skin care lines developed by Mesauda Milano to treat very young and young skin. It was one of the first skincare lines designed for Mesauda by Studio Concept.
Throughout life, the skin expresses itself and changes. During and immediately after adolescence, hormones upset the balance of the epidermis: the sebaceous glands, which normally prevent the skin from drying out, begin to produce sebum in large quantities and lead to the formation of pimples, blemishes, acne, and more lesions. or less significant with variable inflammation.
The sebum present on the surface of the epidermis leaves the skin greasy, especially in the T-zone (nose, forehead, and chin). Acne affects an average of 80% of young people, and 20% of them report moderate to severe form, lasts an average of 3-4 years, and often disappears in adulthood (around the age of 20), but sometimes, it can leave some acne marks and scars, especially if the proper gestures are not adopted.
The Mesauda Milano line is specific to regulate excess sebum on the T-zone and dry cheeks. It consists of 4 essential products, which can be combined:

  • super moisturising anti-pollution cream,
  • super nourishing cream,
  • hydro-nourishing serum,
  • moisturising eye contour gel

The creation of Aquacious comes from the belief that skin imperfections in young subjects often involve the use of pharmacy / parapharmacy products or, worse, supermarket products.
However, many detergents or micellar waters are too aggressive for the skin and tend to undress it completely. The epidermis, when attacked, reacts by producing even more sebum to protect itself. It is the beginning of a vicious circle.
One of the bad habits is also to overload the skin with treatments of all kinds. Furthermore, the active ingredients present in the products can sometimes be made less effective when mixed with other substances.
Finally, changing skin products too frequently does not give the skin time to adapt to this new treatment, and is unlikely to enjoy it. In short, even young skin needs its dedicated beauty routine. And Aquaciuous is the best solution.

Still life and communication

The communication campaign of the Aquacious line by Mesauda Milano was curated by Studio Concept, a communication agency that is characterised by the choice of a substantial advertizing model.
Studio Concept chooses to enhance the product and reflect the simplicity of its packaging which brings out the turquoise colour of creams and serum. White for still life is a must but the cleanliness of the line also concerns the communication model.
No aggression, no viral choices: only the quality of the product that is unrivalled and does not need redundant concepts or effective slogans. If it is true that beauty comes from within, that of Aquacious imposes itself thru the bottle and the clear communication, even with photos set in a natural context that refers to some natural elements present in the line and used in online and offline communication at the point of sale and presentation catalogues.

A line of moisturizing facial treatment

Super Moisturizing Anti-Pollution Cream

Super Nourishing Cream

Hydro-Nourishing Serum

Anti-fatigue Moisturizing Eye Contour Gel