Still Life Photography for Kiko Lost in Amalfi collection

Still life

Kiko is an Italian cosmetics brand that produces make-up and body treatment lines with cutting-edge formulas. It promotes the idea of multifaceted and free beauty, able to represent every woman by expressing her uniqueness.

The brand, and in particular its marketing policy, strives to offer the consumer the best possible experience, personalised to the fullest thanks to the broad range of available products. The constant search for beauty and innovation allows the launch of continuously different and innovative seasonal collections. Kiko’s identity is Made in Italy, a valuable reference in the world of fashion and art.

For the Kiko Lost in Amalfi collection, still life photos were taken of the different products making up this line.

The still life technique brings the photographed objects to life, making them extremely attractive and high-impact. These photographic sets allow the best possible representation of the product and the targeted message the brand seeks to convey, leaving the images to talk.

Different settings and post-production techniques can be used to achieve impeccable results in line with the brand’s promotional expectations.

The still life is imbued with a sophisticated and exclusive charm, with utmost attention to the details, which are always the starting point for the greatest works of art.

The products included in the shooting include Lost In Amalfi Lightwear Velvet Foundation, which is available in 8 different shades. The formula is liquid with a lightweight and silky feel, holds for up to 16 hours and gives a “silky skin” effect. The coverage is even and can be modulated, and the product is lightly scented with a white flower fragrance.

Lost In Amalfi Bronzer & Highlighter Duo is another product in this Kiko collection, highly appreciated by users. A bronzing and illuminating powder in a practical 2-in-1 format. The product is waterproof, perfect for illuminating the skin while also sculpting the face with perfect contouring. The combination of two different categories of make-up makes it simple and convenient to revitalise the skin.

Lost In Amalfi Eye Liner Duo is a type of water-resistant pen eyeliner. It is sold in black and enhances the user’s eyes.

The felt tip ensures an accurate, even line, without smudging. It is very simple to use.