Still life for Kiko Milano Festival Glow line

Still life

Kiko always offers make-up and skincare collections in line with current trends. This summer, one of them is focusing on the beautiful season and what it represents.

Luminous colours are a must for highlighting the long-awaited tan throughout the year; for this reason, the new Kiko Festival Glow line proposes items with a luminous finish, setting aside the matte effect that is most popular during the colder months. Yes to shiny rather than matt make-up, then, for this summer.

Among the products in the collection, which is inspired by the looks and trends of festivals of a certain calibre with international guests, customers can find a mini palette with eyeshadows in shades of brown and gold, a perfect combination to highlight the summery complexion. In summer, there is no need for excessive coverage on the face, which is why it is preferable to opt for light foundations or BB creams. These products can be applied to cover any imperfections or simply to even out the skin without the risk of the make-up melting away due to sweat.

The liquid foundation from the Kiko Festival Glow line has a soft texture with a slightly satiny effect and has the ability to nourish and moisturise the skin, protecting it from UV rays. This is essential, as the sun tends to dehydrate the skin and long-term exposure to it could cause damage if not taken care of.

You cannot miss the compact foundation, inside an elegant package, which is not heavy at all and, above all, has the advantage of mattifying shiny skin and resisting sweat and water by being waterproof. The lip balms of the line inspired by the summer festivals are bright and moisturising and give a juicy look to the lips.

Also not to be missed are the shimmer liquid eye shadows, perfect for bringing your make-up to life and making it more special and striking.

The nail polishes also follow the same wavelength: brightness is the key word, and therefore illumination must be the goal of all articles.

For the photographic project of the Kiko Milano collection Studio Conceptsnc used the Still life technique, which emphasises not only the functionality of the products, but also their aesthetic impact. Each product was photographed and post-produced in an advanced way in order to have many images with different points of view: photos of the open primary packaging, photos of the open and closed packaging together, photos of the bulk material to show the texture of the product and family or collection photos to show several products together within an emotional setting. This is very important to attract more audience, because it is true that the eye also wants its part. In the world of make-up, there are many companies that focus on an attractive design, which also drives the purchase through the packaging of the articles. Kiko attaches great importance to the visual aspect, which is why the design also follows the feelings that arise during the warm season. The predominant nuances are gold and cerulean, which are light but very noticeable, perfectly matching each other and creating a pleasant light-dark contrast.