Photography of still life product for Cotril


Studio Concept developed high-quality photos of cosmetics to sponsor the entire line of Cotril hair products.
Cotril Glow One is the new permanent hair dye distinguished by its low level of ammonia, an ingredient well-balanced with the others inside the tube.
Glow One is a permanent oxidative hair dye, which, thanks to a highly cosmetic formula developed in respect of the hair and with the aim of satisfying a broad range of needs, ensures intense, bright colour.

The protagonist of the hair colour is the Oil Transport System, the cutting-edge molecular system allowing even colour distribution on one hand, from the lengths to the tips, and effective pigment action on the other, ensuring long-lasting results for about a month and a half, with colour more brilliant and full-bodied than ever.

Glow One promises total grey coverage, soft and delicate hair that will not form knots and be easier to comb; moreover, the lengths will be shiny and lightweight with no visible gaps in colour.

Glow One hair dyes are left in for different periods of time depending on the desired effect, whether delicate colouring or super-lightening.
Glow One is available in 88 different shades.

The product photos were simply a way of adding to the product’s importance and beauty: through a suggestive play of light and shade, spanning the many different shades a single colour has to offer, it is possible to offer the customer a magical image able to capture their attention, and for the image alone to imply the result that can be achieved with the product. The image helps make the product even more noble and professional: used in the best international photographic sets, even Glow One needs to become a star for one day and show the entire world how beautiful and captivating its design is, and how it was invented to conquer the hearts and hair of all its customers, from the newest to the most loyal.

Cotril: hair styling products

Many years of experience on photographic and film sets and catwalks has shaped the DNA of Cotril products, aimed at both hair stylists and customers looking to create an impeccable look from their own home, using the same products found in the most popular and trending hair salons, the same ones that create the looks of stars.
Cotril has become an international point of reference for hair colouring, styling and treatments: the extremely vast range of products offers every customer both satisfaction and beauty, allowing them to try different styles and looks, having fun together with their hair.

The hair styling products are many and have been designed by the Italian company to respond to the needs of men and women alike.
The products all have an anti-frizz action and make the hair soft and shiny, protecting it against the heat of hair dryers or irons, as well as atmospheric agents that end up weighing the hair down or ruining it; the sunscreens protect the scalp and roots against dangerous UVA and UVB rays. Their effect on either straight or curly hair is certain to last, and the hair maintains its look over time.

Cotril hair styling products are designed to satisfy all needs: those who want to revive their curls, those seeking a perfectly straight look, and even those who want to try out new styles, always in respect of the hair, which will never be ruined and will show no signs after washing.
For the finishing of each hairstyle, the Cotril line offers a wide range of fibrous creams, ideal for styling hair of any length and type with utmost versatility.

What is permanent hair dye and how long does it last?

Permanent hair dye is a practical and economical solution to lighten or darken hair from the roots to the tips. The benefit of this technique is the fact that it lasts over time: in order to precisely understand the duration of a permanent hair dye, it is important to carefully read the chemical composition and how it acts on the hair, which are the elements allowing the colour to last over time without being ruined or losing shine. Permanent dyes in fact, unlike those that only last for a few washes, remove the hair’s natural pigment and replace it with another, thus giving the hair the desired colour. Each dye has different pigments which combine with each other to create a broad range of colours from which to choose.

But how long does permanent hair dye last? This is certainly the most common question among men and women who opt for this technique. Well, a permanent hair dye can last for several weeks, up to a month and a half from the first application, but this also depends on the type of hair, the chosen colour, and the colouring which is used.
This product can be used on either grey hair, to give a touch of colour, or perhaps to return to one’s natural colour for a certain period of time, or to change look, ranging from the most classic shades to full-blown rock looks, with pastel or brighter, bolder colours. This is also a good way of giving new life to your own colour, rapidly covering any regrowth or giving new shine to the lengths, which tend to fade after a few weeks.

For the permanent dye to last over time, the hair must be treated with special products that reinforce it and help the colour maintain its initial intensity for a long time yet.
It is also important to choose the colour that best suits your skin tone, and before making your purchase, to understand which permanent dye is most suited to your type of hair and needs.