Still life for BLUE ME Kiko Milano

Still life

The still life product photos for Kiko’s Blue Me line were designed to emphasise the relationship with nature and environmental sustainability.

In fact, there are clear references to the sea and natural stones in which the products have been placed, which stand out for their intense blue packaging. Studio Concept succeeded in achieving this result by taking care of the shots at every stage.

A great deal of care was taken in the post-production of both the individual still lives for the ecommerce and the line photos, in which the images were made as appealing as possible according to the brand’s own style.

But what is a still life product photo?

In order to sell a product through a photograph, it must be perfectly realised and specially designed. Indeed, we at Studio Concept know that the first visual impact is what counts in pushing consumers towards a product.

That is why commercial photography is so important. It must, therefore, be able to sell the product and get clear messages and emotions across to the customer.

In cosmetics and beauty, especially online, images play a key role. Indeed, in an e-commerce the objects cannot be touched and the buyer must be convinced through the power of images.

In order to achieve these goals, we need highly competent staff, such as that of Studio Concept, which has long experience in this field.

The features of Kiko Milano’s Blue Me line

The line we have enhanced through our still life photographs is inspired by the beauty of the oceans. Blue Me is an innovative and revolutionary collection created especially for the autumn season by Kiko Milano.

It offers a wide range of skin care products, make-up and a range of useful accessories. What sets this line apart is its vegan formulation that is enriched with ingredients from sustainable sources.

This respect for the environment is also part of the packaging, which is made from recycled and recyclable raw materials. The style is reminiscent of a sea anemone moving in the seabed, which is illuminated by a white light.