Still life product photos for Beauty Essentials

Still life

At Studio Concept, we believe that the photograph of a product should not only represent it in order to sell it, but should also be able to tell its story.

The image, in fact, also represents the philosophy of the brand, its values and the message it intends to convey. Our still life photography for Kiko’s Beauty Essentials wants to achieve this objective, i.e. to have a strong impact.

In this specific case, the still life wants to evoke the historical style of the brand, its quality and refinement. Precisely for this reason, we focused on high quality photographs, specially designed to arouse amazement in the public and to evoke the atmosphere of spring, which characterises this line. We took care of every aspect, from the realisation of the strategy to the setting up of the photographic set, and then reworked everything in post-production.

The still life photos gave us the opportunity to perfectly represent every detail and element of the Beauty Essentials collection, taking care to correct crucial aspects such as colour, sharpness and brightness of the shots.

By paying attention to every little aspect, Studio Concept is able to produce high-quality photos that manage to capture attention and reflect the philosophy of the manufacturer.

Ambinent still life composition Beauty Essentials collection by Kiko

Thanks to Kiko’s Beauty Essentials spring collection, every woman can treat herself to moments of beauty with ease and whenever she wants.

This is made possible by the completeness of the line, which includes a wide range of products for make-up, facial skin care and cleansing, and various accessories. The formulas that characterise these products offer high performance and are enriched with selected, high-quality ingredients such as jojoba oil, argan oil and shea butter.

Thanks to the combination of finishes and nuances, many different looks can be created to look your best during this spring season.

The quality and innovation of Kiko Milano

Kiko Milano has a history of more than 25 years and is an Italian cosmetics brand. In particular, it is known for its makeup lines and facial and body treatments that promote a free-spirited ideal of beauty, which we wanted to express through still life photos.

The company focuses on innovation, offering a wide range of products that is regularly enriched and improved.

The value of Made in Italy is therefore particularly strong and is linked to the offer of effective and innovative products, which are able to intercept every need and form of beauty.

Kiko Milano has redefined the concept of the cosmetics trade, establishing itself as one of the most important brands in Europe.