Packaging, Set up Images and folder for Bbcolor Beauty Gloss-3d

Packaging / Immagini ambientate / Folder

Bbcolor Beauty Gloss-3D is an innovative product from Helen Seward’s hair line.
It is an additive to traditional colour to be added in the case of very light and fine hair to give body, shine, volume and a generally healthy feel. Used in a 1+1+1 proportion with dye and activator, the Beauty Gloss has the effect of avoiding those colour effects that betray the dye, for example highlights turning to ash and a certain dullness. The overall appearance of the hair gains. Hair appears healthier and fuller, especially fine hair, which becomes more combable and also more suitable for styling in impressive hairstyles.

Spreading the knowledge of such a product, with all its properties, is important, so that the public, professional or at home, understands its use and appreciates the positive results.
A targeted advertising campaign is the most immediate way to approach possible customers.

This should highlight the main aspects of the product, such as the effect on a model, set shots showing its effectiveness, and a brief description of the product, as well as creating professional, yet eye-catching packaging.

For this Helen Seward turned to Studio Concept. The advertising company’s experience led to an effective and understated campaign that would introduce and test the solution while maintaining an elegant style.

Studio Concept also produced the folder to be displayed in the salon to publicise the product. To make the message more effective, the folder should be placed in a strategic position, clearly visible even before sitting in the treatment chair. In this way, the customer will already know what is being talked about when he is offered the product.

The packaging was also designed in collaboration between Helen Seward and Studio Concept. It consists of bottles in neutral colours and clean lines, with effective and concise instructions.

But how does a reflective and strengthening additive work? The formula of Bbcolor gloss-3D works thanks to the presence of Luminescine, which enhances the brightness of the hair, making it extra shiny. This is a natural product, extracted from the Verbasco plant, which has the effect, at high concentrations, of enhancing hair radiance. Moreover, the presence of polymers, with a high percentage of cationic conditioner and a small amount of silicone compound, guarantees a softness and softness effect that completes the nourishment on the driest and most delicate hair.