BB Color Pigma: Catalogue & Packaging Design by Helen Seward

Packaging / Concept / Communication / Still Life

Studio Concept is a communications agency in the Cosmetics & Beauty industry. Thanks to its expertise in developing cosmetic packaging design, photography and integrated communication, the firm collaborates with several internationally renowned brands.

Communicating through visual elements can make the difference when presenting a beauty product.

A brochure or catalogue design must be able to intrigue potential buyers, and at the same time transmit the company’s values and mission.
This is precisely why Helen Seward, a renowned cosmetics brand, chose Studio Concept for the launch of its new product line: BB Color Pigma.

Professional hair masks

Hair masks help to nourish and hydrate the hair, improving its health. The efficacy of the mask is guaranteed by the presence of ingredients in concentrated quantities and by leaving the product in, giving it all the time it needs to be absorbed and penetrate the hair fibres.

To reap all the benefits of a hair mask, it should in fact be applied on damp hair and left in for about 20 minutes (or a few hours depending on the instructions on the label) before rinsing. Moreover, using the mask once a week can prove to be efficient, but in the case of particularly dry hair, it is recommended to increase the number of weekly applications.

A professional mask is generally formulated with oils, butters, and other nourishing ingredients.
The quantities of the components and types of oils used vary depending on the specific characteristics of the hair type.

So, for hair which is damaged due to air pollution, hair dyes, or stressed by hair irons and hair dryers, use of the mask becomes essential in order to restore the hair’s well-being, shine, and silkiness.
Classic hair colouring products normally contain particularly aggressive substances for the hair and scalp. Intensive repair treatments are needed precisely for this reason. Having a single product with which to revive your colour reflections and at the same time nourish and hydrate the hair, without too many steps, might seem impossible.

Helen Seward, with its new BBColor line, has created a genuine beauty treatment aimed at restoring the hair’s shine and softness, while also giving it intense colour. The formula of this professional hair mask is designed for rapid application and a temporary colour. It is therefore a fabulous pigmented mask able to revive colour, tone, and define your hair’s reflections, without drying it out! It only takes one application to nourish your hair and create unique and creative shades. The BBColor Pigma line is produced in fifteen shades, is completely ammonia-free and formulated with natural active ingredients.

Design and development of catalogue and brochure graphics

For BB Color Pigma, Studio Concept S.r.l. created the catalogue and brochure graphics, still lifes, packaging, and collective photos. Studying a new graphic concept for the launch of a new line made it possible to communicate the innovative idea underlying the study of a revolutionary formula being proposed to the market. The agency carefully analysed the company and its vision, starting from the design. It then went on to create product packaging and presentations able to communicate the innovative idea, while still maintaining a strong link with the company’s brand identity.