Concept Collection, Artistic direction and Copy for Art Direction

Concept Collection / Direzione Artistica / Grafica / Copy

Helen Seward is a well established player in the field of professional hair care. Founded in 1969 to meet the needs of professional hair stylists, over time it has expanded its scope to include home use.

The professional products are extremely varied and range from shampoos, dyes, masks, styling products such as foams, mousses and waxes to waving or smoothing lotions, sun protection and salon treatments.

Over time, however, Helen Seward’s philosophy has been to offer an all-round professional service, high quality, high-performance products and information activities and training courses, so that professionals in particular can use Helen Seward solutions in the most correct and effective way.
A brand of this type needs a presentation, packaging and photographic shots and short videos that communicate the right message to potential buyers. For this they turned to Studio Concept.

The campaigns deployed by the marketing company convey the idea of lively products with colourful and youthful packaging, conveying a sense of health and brightness. For professional products, the set images give a sense of order and cleanliness, which is what most people want when they visit a beauty salon. Helen Seward is not only about cleansing and styling products, but also about the tools to be used in the salon.

Nature and Technology are at the heart of Helen Seward products and all product and line communication is geared in this direction. High-end professional products at an affordable price and distributed in salons all over the world. For example, Studio Concept oversaw the relaunch of Helen Seward’s great Mediter line, which combines precisely this concept: high-performance technological products with effective natural ingredients in synergy with synthetic and research ingredients.

Helen Seward is also fashion and fashion because the professional world of hair requires special attention to the communication of news and trends. This is why Studio Concept has followed the creation of many collections for Helen Seward through the creation of creative concepts, art direction, creative and technical look books and all the launch and promotion tools, including the web.

Alla base di un progetto di un magazine o di un look book professionale o collezione professionale capelli c’è la definizione e creazione di un’idea creativa. In collaborazione con gli uffici marketing dei nostri clienti e in risposta alle esigenze di comunicazione specifiche dei brand professionali capelli studiamo il concept creativo di una collezione, prima della realizzazione degli shooting fotografici.

Per il Marchio Helen Seward abbiamo progettato il Concept della collezione Be Fluid, abbiamo collaborato a livello di art direction con i fotografici per la realizzazione degli shooting e dei video, abbiamo studiato il format grafico-comunicativo per la realizzazione di tutti gli strumenti di comunicazione legati al lancio della collezione e abbiamo seguito tutta la produzione dei testi a livello copy per il look book di collezione.

  • Direzione creativa.
  • Creazione del Concept di collezione.
  • Copy.
  • Progetto grafico ed esecutivo per il look book di collezione.
  • Progetto grafico ed esecutivo per il book tecnico di collezione.
  • Progetto grafico ed esecutivo per poster e banner di collezione.
  • Progetto grafico ed esecutivo per cartelle colori e strumenti di comunicazioni sul punto vendita.
  • Consulenza e ottimizzazione per realizzare tutti i contenuti social legati al lancio della collezione.