Top 6 Best Places to Buy Makeup Stores Online

Top 6 Best Places to Buy Makeup Stores Online 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

Are you thinking of buying a new lipstick, foundation or eyeshadow palette? Or do you perhaps want to find out how selling makeup online works? If so, read on, because in this article we’ll be talking about cosmetics websites with a focus on makeup. More and more women these days are turning to online shopping when buying makeup, in search of new products and special offers. And at this point, there are a massive number of companies in the market, all in competition with each other. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting sites, and what we can learn from them.

Lookfantastic. Number 1 in Europe

The Lookfantastic website, created in 1996, is now Europe’s top seller of cosmetic products. Visually it comes across very simple and organized. It starts with the brand of the month, which is shown upon opening the site. You can easily find your favorite kinds of products thanks to various images and short descriptions. Promotions offered on the site come in various types – from limited-time offers, like the one-night 25% discount, to coupon code discounts and discounts on certain store sections. Lookfantastic’s web design is quite minimalistic, as they focus on sales alone and so just neatly display products on a white background.

What to learn from Lookfantastic:

the site prioritizes displaying products that have 5-star reviews. This shows us that the opinion of other customers is increasingly important for consumers.

Sephora. Unique makeup brands

Everyone knows the Sephora beauty store chain. This success extends to their online presence, where beyond the classic brands you’ll also find lots of exclusive brands, as well as the Sephora Collection brand, all at competitive prices. When a woman is looking for some unique makeup products, she knows that she’ll find something good at Sephora, which often sells new brands such as Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez. A lot of care is also given to the packaging of products sold at Sephora, and they were the first to offer makeup in English-style Christmas crackers. Christmas especially is the time when products’ packaging becomes a good reason to buy.

What to learn from Sephora:

in addition to products, it’s a good idea to offer services like Sephora’s Beauty Video Call, a free online beauty consultation, or things like the Sephora App which comes with exclusive offers.

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Kosmetik4less. Low-cost makeup

Hailing from Germany, the kosmetik4less website keeps to its promise of “cosmetics for less”. Young and colorful brands such as Makeup Obsession or Revolution offer a wide range of makeup products for every kind of budget. The site gives a lot of emphasis to makeup, having an entire section dedicated just to fake eyelashes. Most of the brands are not well-known on the Italian market, but are nevertheless great products both for their appearance and their convenience.

What to learn from Kosmetik4less:

if you want loyal customers, it’s best to win them over when they’re young. Following this idea, their website offers a brand for teenagers, ‘I heart Revolution’, which includes products such as the apple-scented illuminating powder, the Disney Fairytale eyeshadow palette, and the sparkling donut-shaped bath bomb.

Cultbeauty. Makeup products well categorized

On Cultbeauty, you’ll find a large section dedicated to makeup with internationally renowned brands such as Charlotte Tilbury, Nyx, Patrick Ta or Benefit, as well as lesser-known brands at prices suitable for everyone.

What to learn from Cultbeauty:

to make product searches easier, Cultbeauty provides sections dedicated to special dates like Mother’s Day.

Makeup. A makeup site with many brands

There is no beauty store large enough to hold all the products and brands sold by Makeup, with more than 1,200 featured. There are a variety of interesting sections, such as one dedicated to refillable products like face powders, or the section that sells makeup that’s good for your skin, an increasingly popular trend and the ideal products for smart work from home!

What to learn from Makeup:

among its many products, there are actually 10 inspired by TikTok videos. This serves as a reminder that social media is increasingly important for any business’ success.

Pinkpanda. Makeup for young people

PinkPanda presents itself as a store for the young, beginning with its name. Brands here almost always have low-price ranges, including its main brand, Pink Panda, defined by its pink color, which offers products like pimple cover patches, and at prices that start from just over a euro.

What to learn from PinkPanda:

their special offers are often irresistible and include not only discounts, but also free products. A customer who gets good products is a loyal customer!

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