How is water related to beauty?

How is water related to beauty? 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

Water is a fundamental component of the earth, but also of the body. The latter, specifically, consists of close to 65% water. And, every day, a not inconsiderable part is eliminated through perspiration and urine.

That is why it is important to do everything possible to replenish it. Not least because a shortage of water tends to reflect negatively on the body itself. Lacking the necessary moisture, the skin ends up looking less elastic and firm. Devoting the right amount of time each day to skin care is essential: it is through the right treatments that the skin will be able to re-energise itself.

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What is water used for in cosmetics?

Water features prominently in the INCIs of face and body creams, make-up products, deodorants, shampoos and toothpastes.

Revitalising the skin will also be the aforementioned skin care, with water as the main ingredient, including cleansing and deep cleansing, moisturising and a scrub with natural active ingredients.

It is precisely the scrub that eliminates dead cells and encourages the birth of new ones, for smoother and softer skin.

No less useful are face masks that, depending on the type, help eliminate toxins responsible for clogged pores, provide deep hydration and instant purification, and add a lifting treatment.

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Consumers aware of the importance of water for beauty?

The link between water and beauty is well established. However, if the concept associating water with skin hydration is shared among the industry, getting the message across to the consumer is a priority.

“Studio Concept Trends & Shots”, founded in 2001 and specialising in Beauty and Cosmetics, is committed to packaging and devising new ways of communicating the strengths of beauty products to the customer.

Whether visuals, photos or videos, it is important to convey the true values of each brand. By way of example, the Equilibra brand was able to benefit from this for its Rose and Vitaminica lines, which featured products with obvious moisturising properties.

The agency Studio Concept Trends & Shots was responsible for the graphic design, style choices and communication in this case. It was a long-standing collaboration, which saw the agency juggle packaging, rendering, point-of-sale communication, social content design and display design.

How does water support the production of cosmetics?

Laboratories routinely use water in production not only because it is a colourless and odourless substance. It is also characterised by a particularly high boiling temperature and an extremely low freezing temperature. Water, being the moisturising element par excellence, is also excellent as a solvent, especially in oily solutions (primarily creams and lotions). Dissolved in water, anti-ageing agents and components for proper hydration create beauty products that are effective on the skin. In cosmetics, water is used in different forms: distilled, deionised and in the form of sea water. To obtain the former, it undergoes two transformations, with evaporation preceding condensation.

Distillation is the oldest method of purifying water. Deionised water, as its name clearly indicates, has the task of stripping water of its saline component. As far as sea water is concerned, what stands out are its remineralising and revitalising properties, capable of acting in depth.

The presence of a minimum of 99 oil-elements and a good number of minerals is another of its strengths. It is precisely the minerals that provide protection for the most sensitive areas of the skin by strengthening the epidermis.

What is the importance of water on our skin?

Thanks to the supply of water, the skin does not risk looking dull or marked by an unsightly wrinkled effect. Water also releases the toxins responsible for irritation and inflammation through the skin. Not everyone knows this, but excess sebum is also linked to insufficient hydration.

Dehydration is also associated with damage to the skin barrier, which in turn leads to premature ageing and extreme dryness. People who have been exposed to the sun for a long time, to the point of getting burnt, will recover more quickly by drinking more water and applying aloe vera to the affected areas.

Sometimes it happens that you look in the mirror and find yourself looking at your swollen skin. In reality, the latter is just trying to retain water to avoid dehydration. Often, in the presence of dry facial skin, it is difficult to resist itching: and scratching may cause small cracks. Increased water consumption prevents the skin from becoming excessively dry. Another recognised benefit of water is its ability to maintain a balanced pH. It is not uncommon for the skin to be prone to rashes and blisters; even then, it is the right amount of water that prevents them.

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Skin dehydration: prevent it with creams

Any skin type runs the risk of being subject to more or less frequent episodes of dehydration.

The main causes are environmental factors (wind, cold, smog and UV rays) and ‘external’ factors (excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco), stress, determined drug therapies and the use of cosmetics such as exfoliants and over-aggressive skin lighteners. Fortunately, the situation can be brought back to normal by using rehydrating skin products. The choice between creams, milks, oils and ointments should be made according to the degree of dryness.

Face and body will benefit from products with an appropriate pH value and without aggressive surfactants. Typical ‘non-soap soaps’ are particularly useful in these cases. No less recommended is the use, a couple of times a day, of moisturising and emollient creams. These types of creams have the task of repairing the skin barrier, but also of inducing the unpleasant sensation of dryness.

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