Top Italian Beauty Influencers: Glamour & Fashion Experts

Top Italian Beauty Influencers: Glamour & Fashion Experts 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

If cosmetics are your passion, or even your job, you will surely have thought about being a beauty influencer. Could I be a beauty influencer? Could I hire a beauty influencer? Before launching into any business, it is worth getting an overview of Italy’s most successful beauty influencers. Let’s talk about our country’s favorites.

Clio MakeUp. Success from empathy and sincerity

Among successful make-up influencers Clio Zammatteo, aka Clio MakeUp, stands out with 3.1 million followers. Family-friendly style, simplicity and sympathy are her trademarks. With Clio’s tricks and practical tips, she makes great makeup attainable for all, making it child’s play to get fabulous results. Clio is not however some divine figure. She is more like an experienced friend who puts herself in your shoes and gives you sincere advice. Over time, she has established herself in various fields, becoming a television presenter and entrepreneur with her own beauty brand, ‘Clio Make Up Shop’, on top of being an influencer. Clio has never become at all conceited, even now that she is the star of a reality series, ‘Clio Back Home’, in which, after 12 years in the United States, the makeup artist has returned to Italy. Discovery plus follows her in her family and professional life. The principle of her success: truth and transparency in a world of appearances.

Veronica Ferraro. Not just Chiara’s best friend

One of Chiara Ferragni’s best friends, Veronica Ferragni followed her own path and developed her own personal elegance and style, now having 1.3 million followers on Instagram. Although Veronica is primarily a fashion blogger, she also creates lifestyle and makeup content. Refined and straightforward, just like Veronica’s dress sense, her blog Fashion Fruit ranges from food to fashion, even featuring tips for home life. With an upper-class attitude, Veronica enchants her followers with her unfailing glamour, truly a model of beauty to aspire to. She has taken part in many collaborations with others in the beauty world, such as in videos and tutorials. Most notably, she has modeled in several tutorials from MrDanielmakeup, one of the most famous makeup artists on YouTube. The principle of her success: style at all costs

Adriana Marmaglia. Every woman is unique

Adriana Marmaglia a.k.a. Adrianaspink’s strengths are her kindness and ironic humor. On Instagram she presents everything in a simple and playful way, her short videos offering tricks and solutions for all kinds of problems. On YouTube, she has accumulated over 800,000 subscribers, and on Instagram she divides himself between her more successful personal profile and her beauty profile. Her profiles have a playful and colorful look, just like Adriana herself, and look just like an online beauty magazine. The principle of her success: beauty as entertainment.

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Elisa Maino. A new spontaneous generation

Born in 2003, Elisa relies on freshness and spontaneity. Despite her young age, she’s been active on social media for several years. She first began her career on, before continuing her success on Tiktok, and therefore her greatest impact is on the young, the most frequent users of the new social network. Elisa comes off as spontaneous, bubbly, and sunny, and she is so simply glamorous in the way she talks about herself and her way of life. Her sporty but elegant style and bright smile are what got her her audience, which now adds up to 2.7 million followers on Instagram. She also has a presence on YouTube, her videos dealing with various topics about her personal life. The influencer has also published several books. Already having released her books ‘#Ops!’ and ‘Non ti scordar di me’ (‘Don’t forget about me’), she recently published her novel “Con Amore”, all about loving without prejudice. The principle of her success: Living on social media is normal.

MrDanielmakeup. Look at my customers!

Even men can do well as a beauty influencer, as demonstrated by Daniele Lorusso, known as MrDanielmakeup, and his 654 thousand Instagram followers. Purely a make-up artist, in his videos you can find him styling various famous models and artists, such as Sara Sampaio, Elodie, Valentina Cabassi, and Paola Turani. His YouTube channel has achieved an incredible following thanks to his technical skills, and accurate, detailed, and professional videos. The principle of his success: showing off your customers as a form of social proof.

Damn Tee. Make up artist e make up model

Christian Filippi, aka Damn Tee, uses himself as a model for his almost theatrical makeup, shown off to his 216,000 followers on Instagram. His posts often include very long nails, lots of color, and a spectacular 3D rendering of his makeovers. His use of his own face for women’s make-up is quite well done, thanks to his innate skill with costume design. The principle of his success: dazzling your audience with sheer skill.

Influencers who become entrepreneurs

It’s not hard to go from being an influencer to being an entrepreneur. There are many personal profiles that have gotten big followings and as a result turned into springboard for the launch of several cosmetics brands. There’s negin_mirsalehi, who has a link to Gisou on her profile, a brand sold by Sephora, and also Cleo Toms, who brings people in with a profile dedicated to beauty and then links to his brand ‘Juno’. The principle of success: never settle

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