Effective Techniques and Strategies To Sell Your Cosmetic Products

Effective Techniques and Strategies To Sell Your Cosmetic Products 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

Have you got a potentially successful range of cosmetic products that you’re considering putting on the market? Before you start trying to do anything, you need to be aware of your potential sales channels and various techniques that can make your cosmetics products more appealing to customers. You have many choices ahead of you, from whether to sell online to whether to set up a sales network that offers your products to retailers. Let’s take a look at all of this.

Selling cosmetics on your personal website

Currently, online sales are rapidly increasing. In 2021 online trade has grown by 58% worldwide, and in Italy by an even greater 78%, so it’s usually a good idea to sell your products online. The first option available to you is selling via your personal website, which has the big advantage of giving you total control over everything – no fees for you to pay, and all the decisions down to you. You’ll need to set up a website with all the technology necessary for an online shop, displaying your products, getting customers to the purchase screen, and providing various payment options. A bit too complex for you? Thankfully, there are other ways for you to sell your cosmetics online. Let’s take a look.

Selling cosmetics on the main sales sites

You will have certainly used Amazon as a customer at some point. Have you ever considered selling through the site yourself? Amazon is the busiest online marketplace and could therefore be a great place to display your products. This is obviously not free and requires some form of contract with the portal. However, in return for any payment, your cosmetics products will be seen by millions of people and thus have better chances of selling. However, there are many brands that sell their cosmetics through Amazon, so you’ll have to be offering unique and high-quality products. In addition, buyer reviews have a huge effect on the choices of prospective customers, so the product, service, and delivery must all be impeccable.

Selling cosmetics on Shopify

Currently, more than 1,700,000 million customers buying and selling through Shopify, which is a system that offers a simpler way to sell your products online. Here, every seller gets their own site with Shopify, but still get more exposure to customers due to the portal being used by so many people. The site provides graphical theming, so you’ll be able to make a very attractive looking site even without any design expertise. Rates start at $29 per month and the service provides a simple way of managing your marketing, payments and deliveries. It can therefore be a great way to sell your cosmetics products.

Selling cosmetics through an app

We use apps for various things every day. If your range of cosmetics is already sufficiently well-known, consider having an app custom made for selling your cosmetics, though always have this job done by a professional. An app is best suited for brands that are already fairly well-known, and that can invite pre-existing customers to download it for access to exclusive services like tutorials and updates, of course as well as being able buy the products, perhaps with special benefits. This is therefore a less direct sales channel.

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Selling cosmetics through a sales network

The success of online shopping does not mean the end of retail. There are still plenty of consumers who prefer seeing the products in person and getting advice directly from experts. To take advantage of this, consider selling through a classic sales network. This is a very ambitious plan, one which requires some investment. There are a number of different networks to choose from. Beauty stores work well for classic cosmetic products; pharmacies are good for products with science behind them, and herbalists are for when you’re selling natural cosmetics.

Selling cosmetics on social media

How much time do you spend on Facebook and Instagram? Many millions of people like you spend hours and hours on social media – social media that today have become fully-fledged marketing channels of their own. Set up your own company pages on them and start marketing your cosmetic products. To increase sales, you’ll have access to advertising campaign options, although you can also carry out ad campaigns yourself by following the guidelines provided by the two social networks. Keep Facebook and Instagram in mind even if you have engaged with other sales channels, as they will always be an important advertising tool, for example for marketing campaigns like this.

Marketing tools for increasing your cosmetics sales

Cosmetics are part of the world of beauty, and so it is essential for them to look their best in advertising, something we can achieve with professional marketing tools. The first thing you’ll need is some good packaging, that can both function well as a container for products while also being attractive, making the product look the best it can. Then from there, you’ll need some photography done by someone with expertise on how to make your cosmetics look even better with the right lighting and angles. Remember that in online sales, the quality of your photography is a key factor in attracting customers. Finally, all of this must be accompanied by a well-executed advertising campaign that can prompt customers to look at what you have on offer.

Cosmetics sales tricks

Whatever your marketing channels, you can always improve on what you’re doing. You can use testimonials, which function as a guarantee on the quality of your products. Point to the opinions of a doctor, for example a dermatologist, if you want to provide a guarantee of quality and scientific backing for your products. Alternatively, if you want to make your products look glamorous and popular, have an influencer advertise them on their social channels.
One other idea is to maintain a blog, with interesting articles that can capture the attention of potential customers. The topic? Cosmetics of course! Note that you should always be using original content for this.
Last but not least, there is the option of improving sales by advertising through Google’s AdWords platform, which can also help to improve your site’s visibility on Google searches.

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