Beauty products: content marketing strategies for the blog

Beauty products: content marketing strategies for the blog 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

Product quality is only part of a company’s potential, especially when it comes to the beauty sector. Finding the balance between images and text is the way to keep brand awareness high.

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Here are the strategies.

How to enhance cosmetic products on the web?

To sell is to concentrate part of one’s own experience within a product, to know how to sell is to be able to transfer to the possible buyer the concept that the whole thing stems from a different idea. It takes art and great craftsmanship on the part of those who conceive and produce the object, but also on the part of those who transfer it into images and words. The most immediate feed comes from an effective representation, the still life captures the description but also interprets what the creator of the photo wants to tell.

Selling cosmetics on the web is a real challenge, it lacks that direct feed that drives the customer to the physical store. This is where the real skill in marketing strategy comes into play, the visual content is elaborated to offer a representation capable of competing with the direct proof of the article. A good photo seduces, it does so through the study of technical details, but above all by interpreting the signs that captivate at first glance. If one considers the ‘6-second rule’, the customer decides in the first moments. Confirmation of preference comes from the content, the photo does not merely represent but concretely describes.

Quality images for the blog

Marketing that works is marketing made up of useful content, this is essential to direct the visitor’s interest but it is not enough. Images are needed to hold the attention and accompany the reader through the customer journey to conversion, and this is a concept we at Studio Concept hold dear. Here the photographic technique marks the dividing line between a blog that works and all the others: there are certain aspects to consider.

  • Branding: visibility is the watchword, the brand must be clearly noticeable.
  • Background: it must not create any light reflections, so it must be kept away from the object. The choice of colour is essential to enhance the packaging.
  • Lighting: part of the study of the shot, it is the basis for portraying only descriptive reflections. The photographer’s experience is essential, especially when it comes to products with glass containers.
  • Harmony between the elements: establishing the register of the collection is essential. The style of the photo must blend with the direction taken for the presentation of the product, examples of register can be glam, vintage but also shabby.
  • Angle: every blog should have a favourite. The side perspective is the one that emphasises three-dimensionality, which is why it is among the most chosen in cosmetics.
  • Props: they are the step forward, their inclusion is strategic as they can enhance the product. Shapes and colours should be chosen to emphasise the content; a leaf can tell the story of the all-natural composition of the body cream.

Cosmetics, different content for tailor-made blogs

Standing out is important, doing so in beauty marketing is the most effective way to be the reference in your field. Taking cues and reworking them is the recipe for creating the new without losing sight of what you like.

Blog of a large cosmetics company

Studying the customer’s habits is the strategy behind storytelling. The journey on the train back, the stretch in the bus or taxi, the wait in the queue all constitute vacant time slots. Proposing a narrative in a short form is the incisive marketing approach. “The Top Shelf“, the column by Glossier, in 2014 published interviews on daily routines with women sitting on the floor of their bathroom. L’Oreal, on the other hand, came up with short stories on YouTube. The examples of the big names are a valuable cue.

Influencer: blog with cosmetics promotions and reviews

The customer on the web is increasingly looking for product experiences and less and less willing to consider slogans. This is the sense of a make-up market that has increasingly moved in the direction of influencers and micro-influencers (those under 100,000 followers). Spontaneity and naturalness are the keys to real communication. It is no coincidence that YouTube and Instagram are the classic references of the consumer who likes to document himself. Tutorials and practical tests impart a dynamic edge to marketing that is convincing.

Blog of a newly launched brand or start-up

Telling one’s story through a blog is one of the useful strategies to capture the interest of the public, but it is essential that the content is linked to a social dimension: it is important that the spread goes viral. Telling about one’s project or goals achieved, exploiting indexation through evergreen articles are some of the strategies that new brands can adopt. Brand awareness must be conquered, relying on professional copywriting is the investment that pays off.

Blog of a contract cosmetics manufacturer

Here, communication rises to the most sectorial level, the register is one that speaks to the more experienced target group but also aims for appreciation by the general public. The blog can focus attention on make-up research and mention third-party collaborations. Brand references amplify a promotion by resonance. Balance is the key to creating content that is sectorial but not too complicated; the secret lies in making simple even what is in reality more articulate. Photography and writing have the power to reach the next customer.

Do you have a cosmetics brand in need of a new launch? Are you part of a start-up in the beauty world? Do you want to turn your idea into a real business and become a professional brand? Do you want to launch your skincare or make-up line with marketing, design and communication tools, all with the right investment?

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