What photoshoots are and how much they cost

What photoshoots are and how much they cost 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

Images, along with videos, are the main way to display and sell products online. It is therefore essential to ensure to get professional photography that shows off their various characteristics at their best. However, beforehand it’s necessary to determine whether it’s going to be a photo or video shoot. Today we’ll be talking about photoshoots, as well as how to work out any required costs.

The costs of a photoshoot

The first variable that can affect the cost of a photoshoot is the skill of the photographer, although you can’t forget that their skill will also affect the quality of the result. Only you can work out what balance you can / must strike on price and quality. The expertise of a photographer is not indicated by any rankings, as is the case for journalists, or by a degree, as is the case for other professions, such as doctors. As a result, you can only rely on the previous work of a given professional, and decide based on that whether they will produce a good enough result for your purposes. To give an example, Chanel N.5, along with its models, has been captured by many of the greats of photography, from Helmut Newton, to Richard Avedon, up to Steven Meisel, in 5 unforgettable advertising campaigns.
However, the humungous budgets of these stars of photography are of course typically lightyears out of the reach of us mere mortals. So be patient, look for a style that you like among the bigger names and then compare it the work of more affordable photographers.

Choose photographers based on the style of your product

Every photographer has their own style, and so there’s no guarantee that even a famous photographer will provide what your product needs. Consider Terry Richardson, a fashion photographer who invented a style referred to by the Guardian as “porn chic”, a stylish, transgressive method of photography that ranges from the sleek elegance of an Yves Saint Laurent neckline to scenes from Italian comedies like “La Bella e il Maiale”. After receiving accusations of harassment however, today Richardson has been banned from major fashion magazines such as Vogue. But setting aside legal matters, his work is an example of a style so distinct that it imparts its personality to products depicted with it, making them all become incredibly sexy and transgressive. Is this the way you want to show off your products? If you’re selling something like baby powder, probably not! This is why it’s crucial to look at the work of a photographer in advance to ensure that their general style is suitable for your products.

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Cost variable for photoshoots: Models

Having a person present in a picture can make it feel much more alive and interesting, and also instantly communicates the target audience, in part by setting an ‘aspirational image’. Unsurprisingly, and especially when it comes to cosmetics, models are usually young and attractive, just as each of us would like to be. We say ‘usually’ however, because there are also brands like Dove that prefer to aim their products at ordinary people, and thus include these kinds of people in their photos, depicting them with their everyday beauty and all their flaws. However, whether they are drop-dead gorgeous or more ordinary, including people raises the cost of a shoot. If you are working at a start-up or if you’re just working within a tighter budget, consider the option of still life photography, a kind of photo that only includes objects, and which has various advantages even besides savings.

The advantages of photos without models

We’re not just trying to make a bad situation seem better than it is here, but just to consider the actual variables in play. So here are 3 positives to still life photos, which don’t include models:

  1. the product is 100% the star of the show, with no distractions
  2. the target audience is expanded. In fact, without an image the product can be targeted at any kind of customer. A very common example from today might be a lip gloss or an eyebrow pencil. They can be used by both women and men, but if we put a woman in the promotional material, we’ll be putting off a section of potential buyers
  3. no one but you will have any rights over the image, so you’ll be able to continue to freely use it as long as you wish.

Cost variable for photoshoots: Time

Have you managed to get an incredible number of shots in just a few hours? It should be easy to understand that these images will not have been carefully made. Time is a crucial variable. You have to consider that the set and lighting will be need to be set up before each shot, so if the products to be photographed are all different colors and sizes, that means it will take more time. If you want to receive truly professional results, allow your photographer the necessary time.

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The average cost of photographers for a photoshoot

We have seen that the cost of a photoshoot depends on many variables. If you’re familiar with the field, you’ll know that there are numerous kinds of photographer, from photography students to established professionals.

  1. Students, fresh from or still attending University, will have an interest in getting noticed and creating an interesting portfolio. Usually, their equipment will not be the best, but creativity and originality should not be lacking. Hourly rates may range from about 50 to 100 euros.
  2. Photographers who do this as a second job, perhaps otherwise an architect, designer, or graphic designer, or in other words, someone who deals with image professionally, but doesn’t do photography specifically as their only job. Usually, they’ll have good taste, but may not have the experience that your work requires. They may ask you for 50 to 150 euros per hour.
  3. Professional photographers that have photography as their job and only source of income. Such people keep up to date and own (or know how to rent) the specific equipment required for every kind of shoot. They may ask for 75 to 250 euros per hour. These all only serve as a guide to potential prices, and you must bear in mind that in an hour photographers will only be able to take a maximum of 2 professional photos.

How to choose a photographer: Portfolios and quotes

So, you have an idea of the situation. Now think about your products and start looking at photographers who specialize in your field, such as cosmetics. Look at their portfolio, a collection of their best works, and do not hesitate to ask them for a quote, as it costs nothing and will give you information on the costs of your photoshoot. Begin by looking at a professional-level portfolio, such as this person’s collection of works. Learning more is the first step to a successful choice.

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