Packaging for Personalised Cosmetics: how does it work?

Packaging for Personalised Cosmetics: how does it work? 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

Mastering still life helps to observe what catches the eye. Cosmetics comes when it communicates, right from the wrapping.

Customised packaging for the cosmetics industry

To stand out is to reach the customer, that’s why packaging works when it stands out from the crowd. Being different, however, is not enough; packaging must be able to convey the essence of the product and unite it with the brand image.

Colour is an important factor, but it is not enough to make the difference, the study of the envelope must go through materials, volumes and their relative bulk, practicality in use and descriptive graphics.

Talking about cosmetics also means embracing the issues of environmental sustainability. If in the past it was enough to choose a natural base for the classic ecological façade, the customer now demands packaging with a low impact for real. To stand out is to do it differently, but to do it better than everyone else.

Packaging versatility: from cosmetics to personal care

More than 20 years in the field means playing a role in the evolution of cosmetics, today the container is asked to do much more than it once promised. It is experience that drives our approach to successful packaging.

At Studio Concept, we place the container at the heart of a project; graphic design must indeed adapt to the needs of a communication that evolves and expands the boundaries of more traditional cosmetics. In fact, the beauty scene opens up to interest from a variety of realities, including fashion.

What is the result? More and more brands feed an offer that confuses the customer. Hence the need to come up with a design that fits the product. Homologation is not allowed.

Complete customisation: bottles and labelling for cosmetics

If the basis is a product different from all others, the packaging is called upon to reflect its different nature. Customisation is not only about the final container, the technical choice goes through all three levels of packaging.

Whether it is to ensure easier transport or to facilitate activities in the store, the brand also gains value when it pays attention to the organisation of work in the sales area. Finally, there is the direct-to-customer formula: here the right choice can make a real difference.

The shape of the container but also the materials and colours support the graphic choices. In addition to visual communication there is the role in the targeted choice of claim, packaging works when it captures attention in a useful way.

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Bottles for Equilibra – Vitamin Line

Starting with a white background is the way to translate the concept behind the product into graphics. The packaging communicates the essence of the content already from the choice in graphics: the rebalancing action of the vitamins is information that comes even before reading the details.

The immediate usefulness is the result of a choice aimed at making the line competitive especially in the large-scale retail trade, the approach is simple precisely to ensure the message gets through directly. The strategic use of colours emphasises the descriptions, the effect is communication that works at first impact.

Set and still life images for Shineclat

Definitely exclusive is the graphic choice dedicated to the brand, here the printing technique gives an informal yet precious effect at the same time. The particular metallisation of the logo is the solution that contributes to the specific effect.

The interplay of materials helps emphasise the versatility of a line that can cover more than one type of need, here the distinction is taken to a simpler level. The customer can easily identify what he needs, the effect is a representation that arrives.

The contact between product still life and packaging design gives an immediate feed back. What on the surface could be assimilated into a broad product category, in reality arrives through a good dose of simplicity.

Design principles for effective packaging: beautiful, functional and sustainable

The casing is that instrument in which every element is the result of an elaboration that aims at the result. From the shape to the graphic choices, passing of course through colour and texture, each element has the aim of seducing attention.

Here creativity is led towards confrontation with neuroscience, each choice is weighted considering the feed from neural processes: having identified the most effective, the stimulus is adopted that most profoundly influences purchasing behaviour. This is why imagination alone is not enough, there is much more.

Distinguishing and personalising are the start, but to capture you need something more. Graphics stimulate emotions so they can stick in the memory. Then you need the convenience of a functional solution, brilliant ideas get noticed by everyone. Design works if it is low impact on the environment, because the customer demands cosmetics that are really respectful.

The success of packaging in the cosmetics industry is also assessed through visual appeal and originality of design. It is essential that every element of the packaging effectively communicates brand identity and values, while meeting the functional and environmental needs of the modern consumer.

At Studio Concept, we possess the expertise and passion to make packaging a true brand ambassador, capable of standing out on the shelf and in the customer’s heart. With the use of sustainable materials, innovative designs and targeted communication, we ensure that each product attracts attention and deeply conveys its essence.

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