Korean Cosmetics & Skincare: Everything You Need to Know About

Korean Cosmetics & Skincare: Everything You Need to Know About 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

If you work in the cosmetics industry or are simply passionate about these products, you may have wondered why Korean cosmetics are currently all the rage. Suffice it to examine their characteristics to understand the reason for their success. What are the main strengths of Korean cosmetics?

Korean cosmetics are dedicated first and foremost to skin care.

Skin care is the main objective of Korean cosmetics. An objective shared by people all over the world, because as everybody knows, the best make-up results are achieved starting from a good base. Moreover, a natural look is becoming more and more popular, aiming to offer the best version of ourselves without altering our defining features. And speaking of skin, we can all picture the “porcelain” effect typical of Asian women, an index of their smooth, even-toned, blemish-free skin. If this is the result, it’s worth giving it a try!

Korean cosmetics create the pleasure of rituals.

Body care is being increasingly linked with care for the mind and soul. Beauty treatments are therefore not just a simple set of gestures, but rather a ritual consisting in a series of important actions. Korean cosmetics are particularly focused on individual steps, highlighting the importance of certain actions often considered of secondary importance. Cleansing, for example, is not just a necessary, albeit less than gratifying action, but rather is transformed into a genuine ritual, divided into oil-based and water-based cleansing. The former exploits the capacity of oil-based cleansing to draw out impurities, purifying the surface layer, while the latter refreshes the skin, making it more reactive to subsequent treatments.

Korean cosmetics are made with natural ingredients.

The East has always been particularly focused on elements of nature. Thousands of years of experience with natural properties allows the identification of ever new solutions. Among the most classic examples, creams made with snail serum. These are normally organic products whose active ingredient is snail serum, which is both toning and plumping thanks to its high collagen content. Its scar healing power, historically used mainly for medical purposes, is now at the service of beauty products. Most Korean beauty product lines are not tested on animals and contain a high percentage of natural ingredients, all combined with proven effectiveness.

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Korea is also a source of bio-fermented beauty products.

Thanks to the study of natural phenomena, creators of Korean cosmetics commonly use the ancient technique of fermentation, which further enhances the power of the individual ingredients. It is no coincidence that in the last year, even Beiersdorf, the parent company of Nivea, launched Florena Fermented Skincare, a line of products obtained thanks to the natural fermentation of oils, plants, and flowers. The rising interest of major cosmetics companies is an indication of the growing consumer demand for all natural solutions such as those proposed by Korean cosmetics. A natural appearance is very important for consumers, who often look for innovative products with AIAB and Vegan Quality certification.

Korea is a pioneer in cosmetic research.

South Korea is an industrialised country that heavily invests in research in numerous important economic sectors, including cosmetics. Korea’s continuous development of new solutions dedicated to existing problems should therefore come as no surprise. Korean cosmetic trends are constantly updated by insiders, to the point where researchers estimate that by 2026 the industry will be worth around 21 billion dollars.

Korean cosmetics offer “new” products that intrigue us.

The solutions can be varied because they explore different aspects.
An entirely new product. This is the case for essences, which are comparable to our serums, but which above all, have a high concentration of active ingredients. They are therefore crucial in solving specific problems such as dark circles, dilated pores, skin spots.
An innovative texture. Texture is very important, representing not only a way of presenting the product, but also how it is used, especially when the texture is truly unique. Just like food, even oriental cosmetics use textures that have won over the market. The Bubble Mask, normally in fabric, is positioned on the skin and creates lots of small bubbles making application a pleasant experience, and the cosmetic action physically visible.
A new gesture. Even the different ways of using the cosmetics can intrigue us and prove to be very effective. For example? Korean peel-off lipsticks are applied and left on for a few moments until a thin film has formed. When it is removed, the colour remains impressed on our lips for an extremely natural look.

Korean cosmetics are genuine skin care products.

Skin care, when carried out with Korean rituals, has coined a new term: Skin Kare. Yes, with a “K” instead of a “C”, precisely to indicate the first letter of the word Korea. Korean beauty treatments traditionally include sunscreen. Unlike in our culture, the concept of beauty is strongly tied to the ideal of fair skin. In this case, an aesthetic motivation can help improve the well-being and health of our skin, given that exposure to the sun is one of the main causes of premature ageing, and we all know that the sun’s rays cannot be escaped, not even in the city.

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Korean cosmetics are joyful.

Why is it that when we imagine someone using Korean cosmetics, we think of a young, fresh-looking, free-spirited girl? Because this is the iconography of Korean beauty: an eternally young spirit, with smooth skin like a child’s, a “heart” mouth and huge round eyes like a cartoon figure. A “dolly like” look that is also popular in Italy and captivates women all over the planet, offering the illusion of a somewhat fairy-tale world, where beauty is something light and fun to play with.

Korean cosmetics afford great importance to packaging.

We know about the important role of packaging in inspiring consumers to choose a product, finding exactly what they need (here you can find an example that exploits colour in a very simple way). Korean cosmetics dedicate special attention to packaging. The packaging is normally designed specifically to attract and intrigue. It can be essential, natural like cardboard, or extremely rich and colourful with captivating and playful graphics. Korean beauty treatments are always about taking time out for ourselves. This is exactly why they are often sold in single-serve packs. And these days, in addition to being a personal choice, this also means improved hygiene.

Korean face masks, do they work? Here are the benefits

Korean face masks have recently become very popular, as we may have noticed on Facebook, Instagram, and all social media channels.

Social media and the beauty industry in general are wondering whether these Korean face masks are actually beneficial to our skin. Let’s find out, you might be surprised!

Korean face masks, also called “sheet masks”, are soaked in nutrients with the aim of rejuvenating the skin. True to their name, they look like the first face masks that hockey goalies used to wear.

Most Korean face masks are designed to smooth and soften the skin on our face. The results are remarkable and visible in the short term, even immediately after their application.

How do they work and what are the benefits of Korean Face Masks?

As we mentioned, these sheet masks infuse their active ingredients onto the skin, but that’s not all. The “active ingredients” represent only a very small part of the entire healing process.

The real power of Korean face masks lies in the ability to block the evaporation of the active ingredients deposited on the skin. But how?

Most skin care products tend to evaporate just a few minutes after their application. It can take up to twenty or more minutes for the ingredients in the beauty treatment to deeply penetrate the skin. So most times, the moisturisers we use on our face evaporate before they have a chance to release their beneficial effects.

And herein lies the substantial difference: the composition material is able to form a barrier between the skin and the surrounding air, maintaining the moisture and useful substances on the skin.

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