How do you write a cosmetic product description?

How do you write a cosmetic product description? 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

Getting straight to the customer, that is the challenge. Describing a cosmetics product means embarking on a journey, made up of words and content strategies but also images and brand study. The path is not linear because emerging requires the right professionalism, Studio Concept is at the service of successful beauty marketing. Here’s how to get started.

Tips for writing a good cosmetic product description

To put oneself from the customer’s point of view, this is the first step with which every company is called upon to measure itself. Whether it is the top formulation of an established company or the innovation of a start-up’s genius, the terms of the first challenge do not change: the customer must be informed with clear data, there is no need to convince him. If the product is good, all that is needed is to provide the data to enable them to choose freely.

Simply stating the characteristics is not enough, however; a description is satisfactory when it brings concrete experiences. It requires observation skills but also the right amount of sensitivity, and then there is an essential ingredient: creativity. Whether one considers it an innate talent or a virtue to be cultivated, inventiveness should not distort the product in its description but can enhance its characteristics to make it attractive to the sales target. It is better to focus on quality.

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Know your target customer

Who, What, Where, When and Why are the five basic rules, the ones through which we have all passed a little when grappling with a written composition. The description in the beauty and cosmetics sector must be able to go even further, the focus is on the individual user of the content. A successful description is in fact one in which the reader recognises himself, identifies the brand as the solution to his own need and above all to which he grants his trust.

Getting straight to the target audience means acquiring data on the target market but above all knowing the audience to whom you are proposing the solution for sale. Writing for a young career girl is not like describing a product to a teenager or a rich, established woman. The language adapts to the communication target, uses different codes. Succeeding requires analysis, processing and development.

Explains product type and functionality

To excel in content creation, this is the key that can open up one’s own space in the markets. The beauty sector is a magnum sea of proposals and solutions, standing out is not easy. A successful strategy passes through a generic description of the product type, while taking into account certain details that distinguish it. It is essential to ensure lively attention while reading, a list of features can only bore.

Summarising content can provide a more effective overview. Important features include those that are particularly close to common needs, the reader can then find the answer he or she is looking for and rely on the proposed product. Clarity is crucial, this is where visual solutions come in. Accompanying a direct description with images and explanatory videos means polarising attention, establishing a channel through which one can convey one’s message. The creativity of the writing is enriched by the quality of the image.

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Cosmetic product ingredients and benefits

The description must certainly be complete when it comes to talking about the ingredients, however, completeness should not be confused with monotony. Here an essential help comes from layout techniques, the graphic layout is the strategy that most directly involves the fruition of the content. The reader must be able to find exactly what he or she is looking for and be able to do so at a glance. There are various tricks available, a few tricks can make all the difference.

A description works when it can be easily scanned, many customers do this to verify the goodness of a product through smartphone functionality. The description must therefore ensure that the strengths are able to reach the target audience directly, here it is necessary to play with the use of bulleted lists but also with the use of bold type. When it comes to personal care products, the description must not leave out what the product does not have.

Become familiar with SEO basics

Describing for the online market is now the reality of global commerce, the principle also and especially applies to beauty products. Here, it is impossible to stand out except through targeted communication strategies; one’s own content needs to be indexed by Web search engines and this can only pass through a basic study. The search for a product starts with a query, a description that works appears among the answers to the user’s question.

Search engine optimisation passes through keyword choice strategies, it is these that ensure that content reaches more users. One could fall into keyword stuffing, here the redundancy of keywords could have the opposite effect. Combining originality and descriptive skills, critical sense and target group analysis are the prerequisites for a description that works. Is it useful to call in a professional? Yes, quality makes a real difference.

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