How to create a still life photography set?

How to create a still life photography set? 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

Choosing the right photographic equipment is the start but not the requirement to aim for the result. Passion but also study are the prerequisites for a captivating shot. Here are the secrets to aiming for the target.

We at Studio Conceptsnc have gained years of experience in the industry working with a variety of companies, we are able to provide quality photographic services especially for still life beauty and cosmetic product photography.

Necessary tools and equipment, the still life set

The idea and technique have their weight, but they must rest on solid equipment. The success of a shoot depends on knowledge of the means. You don’t need the fastest shot, even less so if the subject is the most classic still life.

Opting for a full frame gives you a dynamic range, even APS-C sensors can take advantage of the crop factor to play with the focal length. It is preferable to opt for telephoto lenses – 70 to 125 mm may be fine – to count on a full frame and a reduced depth of field. Lights and mounts require a separate discussion.

Lighting techniques for still life photography

Lighting technology is a world apart, artificial room lighting must be avoided. A window can offer an interesting light, the rest must come from a study based on instrumental lighting. Angles and contrasts are some of the points to consider when designing a still life set. There are many examples: just look at professional photography of clothes and fashion accessories, shoes but also peek into food still life photography.

Still life is about allowing the image to tell the story of the object. Frontal light, for example, is what reduces three-dimensionality: it is a tool that should be used very sparingly. A good 70 per cent of the shots are played with side light, this offers the possibility to describe the subject and emphasise its strengths. Studying the direction and softness of the light is the element that distinguishes a professional approach.

How to choose the subject for your still life photography

Here the main tool is the photographer’s eye, photography is nourished by exercise. Among the first lessons in the academy, the search for subjects decides a large part of success. It is essential to move in space, to look around and to create a direct feed between the choice and the rendering in the shot.

The trained eye makes all the difference, experience teaches us that the most angular objects are the ones that engage the most in the conceptual set-up of the photographic set. The interplay of light and shadow is sharp but also offers more possibilities to communicate. It is no coincidence that jewellery and cosmetics are the areas that require the greatest sensitivity.

The still life photography set for your e-commerce

One chooses in the fraction of a glance. In a now accelerated routine, the buyer has to be convinced in a few seconds: those who fail are left behind. The still life is the approach to make the online catalogue more appealing, the market offers the tools to get started with the first shots. The rest is pure improvisation and study of materials.

Getting down to the nitty-gritty, the use of a light curtain or the use of softboxes and polystyrene panels can be useful in the realisation of a catalogue. The solution allows you to play with colours but above all to achieve a solid background. There can be many approaches, but this one is among the least demanding.

Still life video for cosmetic products

When the shoot has to broaden the field over a range of products, the set can be adapted to video shooting. Here the rules of photography are enriched with a dynamic approach, the dry framing gives way to the flow of the scene. This approach to communication is particularly used in the cosmetics marketing sector.

The nuances are contrasted with the backgrounds to recreate the vivid effect of the colours, it is the lights that render the texture of the product in a shot that also tells in movement. A gloss that enlivens the scene, a mascara that emphasises the contrast are some of the objects that animate and tell their own story.

Importance of post-production

The distinction between a RAW and a JPEG is clear for specialists, the real work begins when the spotlights go out. The study of the still life set starts with a few sketches in a notebook, continues with the work of the set designer and preparation by the stylist, but the idea of the shoot takes shape in the processing phase leading to the finished product. Here the play of light can be rebalanced to draw even more intense communicativeness from the concept behind the shot. The result is one that captures.

Social content with photos and videos of cosmetic products

Marketing is social, this is the mantra to keep in mind to reach the potential customer. Especially when it comes to cosmetics, the product’s performance on social is the main test bench for the chooser. The virtual marketplace speaks of colours that welcome, relax and highlight emotions: the still life cannot but be there, adapt and inspire to convince.

Choosing background materials for still life photography

In still life photography, not only the subject, but also the background plays a crucial role in the composition of the image. The choice of background material can profoundly influence the atmosphere, tone and overall perception of the cosmetic product to be photographed. Whether you opt for soft fabrics, reflective surfaces, rough wood or coloured backgrounds, it is essential that the background complements and enhances the subject without overpowering it. The right combination of subject and background can turn a simple photograph into a work of art, evoking emotions and telling stories without words. Therefore, devoting time and energy to choosing and experimenting with background materials can make the difference between a good and an exceptional photograph.

Conceptsnc: Marketing services for cosmetics

Listening is the prerequisite for observing from the customer’s point of view, developing a concept is essential for the creation of a photographic product that works. Cosmetics is based on evaluations of the product in its strengths, to be enriched with references before organising the set for the shoot. The shoot starts with an idea and communicates silently. Our clients at Studio Concept know this, which is why they choose us.

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