How to Become a Beauty Business Consultant?

How to Become a Beauty Business Consultant? 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

At one point, they were called ‘sales representatives.’ Back when it was still uncommon for women to work, being a sales representative for a cosmetics company was a job for women could do that offered opportunities for independence. These days, the independence is the only thing that remains the same about the role – everything else has changed, including the name. Today, the direct sale of cosmetics is called Social Selling, and is an actual job that offers opportunities for growth and good pay.

How much beauty consultants rely on social media

Most of beauty consultants’ work is done digitally, and so it’s a good job for those who don’t want to have to travel to and from work every day. Success improves as your reputation grows, so if you’re already followed by a lot of people because of beauty-related content, you will of course have an easier time convincing people to buy products. But don’t give up too quickly if you’re still just starting out. Serious companies do not demand anything from you when you start out with them, and you can test things out without spending a penny. Since at this point social media success depends on activity, you should carefully curate your profiles. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer looking at your posts, and try to make them as pleasant and welcoming as possible.

Choose a company to work with as a beauty consultant

It is essential to only agree to work with reliable companies that match at least some of the following criteria:

  • high quality products
  • no sign-up fees (never trust anyone who asks you to pay to work with them!)
  • longer term training and support

Now, let’s take a look at the three major companies you can work for in Italy.

Become a consultant for Avon. The company that “invented” Social Selling

Avon is great world leader in the beauty sector, and is the company that first made use of social selling, with women inviting their neighbors over for tea and showing them the latest beauty products. Beyond this somewhat idealized image, Avon has been an opportunity for independence for countless women. Today, the company provides opportunities around Social Selling as a source of female empowerment, a topic that has not lost any of its relevance today. No investment is required to begin, and you work independently, deciding your hours and methods, and you get to sell high quality products. Avon is keen to emphasize consultants’ earning potential – up to 45% commission on sales, obviously upon reaching a certain number of them. Another big advantage to working with Avon is immediate and free access to their website for selling online. You just contact a customer, recommend them certain products, and when the customer pays online, Avon will send the products to the customer directly – a very convenient system that does not require you to keep a massive stock of cosmetics at home. First steps for joining the team: fill out the form to be contacted, and you will immediately have access to the site to sell online.

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Consultant for Yves Rocher. Social Selling leader in Italy

French company Yves Rocher is today the most important Social Selling entity in Italy. Its specialty is products inspired by nature, a modern trend that the company has always followed. It also has sustainable and suitable prices for all budgets, something that helps to more quickly secure sales. Yves Rocher has made inclusivity their guiding principle, inviting both women and men to become Beauty Consultants, relying heavily on the strength of the team. Yves Rocher also allows you choose your hours, and with it your earning potential. The company offers ongoing training, supported by materials and tools useful for sales. In Italy there are already more than 200,000 Yves Rocher consultants, and many of them have made it into a career as Area Manager, a contact for those starting out, who will teach you how to best go about your work and promote the business with social media. First steps to join the team: fill out the form to be contacted, and an expert consultant will help you get your first order, after which point you will have officially become a beauty consultant and can continue on by yourself.

Consultant for Just. Wellness can be your success.

Just is a Swiss company selling products dedicated to wellness, beauty and the home. Since 1984, it has had an Italian office in Verona and today Just Italia is Just’s biggest market, with direct management over their dealings in Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Spain. Just is therefore a very solid company, which has from the beginning made use of direct sales through ‘Just parties’.
The company’s mission is to bring well-being to the heart of every home. The products are based on herbs and natural ingredients and are aligned with modern trends. One of the most interesting features of Just, which has about 30,000 consultants in Italy, is their exclusive training program at their own training school, Just Academy, which aims to help its partners develop. First steps to join the team: fill out the form to be contacted, and then simply wait for your invitation to enter into the world of nature, well-being and relationship.

Who the role of beauty consultant suitable is for

Are you interested in working as a beauty consultant? The following are the characteristics of people who are most successful in this business:

  • interested in deciding their own hours and level of commitment
  • employed part-time and want to supplement their income
  • have important commitments like family or studies, but want to take some initial steps into work
  • love relationships with other people
  • have enthusiasm and an enterprising spirit

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