What is Digital Beauty Marketing? Success strategies

What is Digital Beauty Marketing? Success strategies 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

Why do you see many beauty products when you browse social media? Simply because digital works particularly well for everything that revolves around beauty. Today we are talking about Digital Beauty Marketing, a discipline that bears fruit. In this article, we want to understand why and above all what to do to take advantage of the positive trend and navigate towards new sales. Are you ready?

Digital Beauty Marketing. Why it works.

Beauty products sell well online for several reasons:
The price. Cosmetics, for example, a fruit lip gloss for girls, can start from a few euros, and do not involve the fear of spending or making a mistake in the purchase.
The security. Compared to clothes or a car, you don’t need to try them on to see if they’re right for you. The only exception is make-up. But thanks to new digital techniques, users can “try” each colour by uploading a photograph. Comfortable and fun. But there is more. On the L’Oréal site, for example, with a virtual simulator born from artificial intelligence, you can try hundreds of live products, directly with the device’s camera.
The presentation. The light from the screen makes the product presentation even more magical. The colours are bright, and the products are almost more beautiful than in real life. A mode that makes it difficult to resist

Social changes to sell cosmetics

Social media have changed the way we relate to the whole world. It has happened to individuals, and it also happens to companies. The big names, before the advent of the internet, spoke almost from a pedestal, presenting their products only through “official” models or celebs. Today brands have an interactive relationship with their customers. Companies propose, but at the same time eagerly search for consumer signals, precisely thru social media. Many brands invite you to post storeys or posts with the brand’s hashtag and then reward the most interesting users by inserting them on their message boards. Furthermore, the products are often shown in their moment of use, not only in the still image of an advertising photo.
Strange things can happen on social media, an example is the sale of a model of Gucci shoes (official!) For 10 euros, which took place in March 2021. All true, but we are talking about virtual shoes, which can only be worn on social networks or gaming platforms.

Digital Beauty Marketing strategies: SEO techniques.

Digital Beauty Marketing has a tool that is too often underestimated: SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques, or optimisation for search engines. They are the real gates to open to reach your goal. Everything is based on the use of keywords, the keywords that create the path you want your customer to take. The study of keywords is the most technical part, but it is important to do it starting from a solid foundation. To compile a list of keywords related to your product, start with the way a user tries to solve his problem, with the words he would search for on Google, Bing, or any other search engine. And just as naturally, use them in the title and the entire text. Do not repeat them mechanically and unusually.

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Digital Beauty Marketing Strategies: the tutorials.

The web is the perfect place to show how your product works and how it is used. You have text, photos, and videos at your disposal. The text can give all the instructions in detail. Photos can show the result or, even more interestingly, the difference between before and after. Videos are the most interesting tool because they allow you to show your product in action. Take nothing for granted and show how your product is used, especially if it has some minor difficulty, such as a hair dye. For simpler products, you can add some interesting content. For example, you can show how to perform a more effective massage with your anti-cellulite product. Or how to do smokey eye makeup with your palette.

Digital Beauty Marketing strategies: loyalty

A loyal customer is worth gold. This is why almost all e-commerce sites ask us to subscribe to their newsletter. You can offer a welcome discount or a small digital gadget to those who provide you with their e-mail address. Thanks to his permission you can start writing to him by regularly proposing your offers. The newsletter is not the prerogative of brands that always change their assortment. You can always tell something different about your products. Each time he tries to add an extra step to the confidence of the potential customer. You can ask him to follow you on social networks or to answer a questionnaire, perhaps offering the famous small discount that triggers the desire to buy.

Digital Beauty Marketing strategies: contents.

You may have heard the phrase “Content is king”. Content is the real king of communication because today users are looking for something interesting, not the usual advertising. And indeed, would you rather hear a salesperson praise his conditioner or discover a method to have softer hair?
The content is not improvised, and – fundamentally – it is not copied from other sites, even if they are foreign. On the other hand, it is useful to prepare yourself, using the web as an immense library to become super experts in your sector and then rework the contents in your way, with a unique and always recognisable style.

Digital Beauty Marketing strategies: instant marketing.

Social is the fastest medium and many companies have got into the habit of riding the wave of trends (which often last a few days) to garner support. Trends don’t necessarily have to be about the industry. Pasta del Capitano, for example, took advantage of the viral video of a well-known politician who spoke in macaronic English. To launch his ginger toothpaste, he used the title “First reaction … Shock!” multiplying the possibility of involving the public. If you want to deepen the topic, you may also be interested in this article dedicated to social media to sell cosmetics.

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