Difference between cheap and expensive cosmetics: which one to choose?

Difference between cheap and expensive cosmetics: which one to choose? 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

Representation in image distances reality, so value and price may not coincide. This is where the feed is generated that rewards or condemns the product.

At Studio Concept, we believe in effective cosmetic communication because it is coherent, capable of conveying the value of quality from still life.

Determining factors in the price of cosmetics

The beauty scene is literally saturated with proposals, the offer is such that it satisfies every slice of the market. All too often, products are judged by their selling price, but is this really the right parameter to consider? The answer is “no”.

The INCI can certainly shed more light, but it is also true that knowing how to decipher it is not for everyone. There are other factors that are easier to read between the lines, packaging being one of them. Just think of the different impact between a cosmetic in plastic packaging and its alter ego in glass. What changes is the perception of value.

Marketing strategy has its weight, you need to leaf through a few magazines but also turn on the TV or experience social media to realise the resonance of a brand: all this has a cost that inevitably affects the value of the product.

Then there is the most important aspect: how much of the value is spent on research and product development? This is especially true in low-cost cosmetics; asking the question helps raise awareness of the ethics behind production.

How to choose between cheap and niche cosmetics

Budget is the element that most directs the choice. There are those who opt for little but quality, and those who prefer to range over a wider range of products, but quality and quantity may coincide.

The conditional is a must, true certainty comes from direct testing and a little more investigation; when in doubt, it is always better to rely on the brand that communicates most transparently. More expensive brands may sometimes not offer much more than a more common product would.

Clarity is the secret behind effective communication, and this applies to both images and texts in cosmetics. It is in fact easier to orient oneself towards a cruelty-free brand that adopts its INCI in an organic direction.

Then there is the niche offer, the high-end products are designed to be everyone’s dream but are not always first in line. The colour and textures – but also the ingredients – are chosen to seduce the customer. Well, it is not a sin to give in to some temptation now and then.

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What to consider before opting for a low-cost or luxury product?

Thinking about low cost must always lead to source control; the country of production can be a heavy discriminator if one considers that not all latitudes have the same regulations concerning raw materials that are hazardous to health. Ingredients are therefore essential: in this respect, one should be wary when the product is too cheap.

The promotion of cosmetics is an element to be taken into account, promoting means distinguishing one’s brand from all others, but one is not allowed to stray from reality. Especially in online marketing, every purchase must guarantee a user experience comparable to what the brand promises.

In cosmetics, image counts, still life in beauty requires an explanatory description. Photography is a communicative art but cannot distort reality in the name of marketing. A shot that is consistent with the description is a reassuring signal in the choice.

Then there are the opinions, only those who have already tried the product can express a feed even more real than the descriptions. However, one must consider that, as the Latins used to say, balance lies in the middle.

Still Life photography for cosmetic products

Professional communication is entrusted with the task of ensuring incisive marketing. Although one might consider conversion alone to be effective, the real communication aspiration should be to consolidate the relationship between the customer and the cosmetic brand.

The message can only be entrusted to a still life adherent to the product, the result of a framing of the underlying vision and an equally coherent design. These are prerogatives of a professional approach as only the experienced eye can translate reality into an appealing image.

Consistency means working on perfection already from the set preparation. A quality set-up reduces post-production work, the human eye’s perception of reality gains.

The strength of a cosmetic starts in its design, in the selection of ingredients and in the goodness of testing and production, it continues in the choice of appealing marketing but is completed in a coherent presentation. The customer perceives the value of reality, the right shot can convey the message that works.

In today’s market, which is full of offerings, the success of a cosmetic is influenced by its qualitative essence or cost, but predominantly by its ability to effectively convey value.

Still life photography plays a crucial role in this process, serving as a bridge between the product and the consumer, illustrating not only the appearance but also the essence and integrity of the brand.

At Studio Concept, we emphasise the importance of consistent and authentic visual communication that respects the reality of the product without overpowering it with artifice or exaggeration. It is this authenticity that creates a bond of trust with the customer, which goes beyond the simple commercial transaction, to establish a lasting relationship based on transparency and quality.

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