Graphic design courses for packaging: programs and job opportunities

Graphic design courses for packaging: programs and job opportunities 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

Every year, thousands of new products are invented, and what ultimately makes them attractive to a consumers is the packaging, to the extent that it can determine the success or failure of a product launch, especially when it comes to cosmetics. For this reason, experts in making the best-looking packaging for products are in ever greater demand. There are courses of various levels for learning the necessary techniques and also how to use essential software. Let’s take a look.

Professional Diploma for Graphic Technician of Packaging

The journalistic publication ‘Infopackaging’ offers a training course dedicated to young people who want to become a provider of skills in graphic design as applied to packaging. Skills taught primarily are concerned with the software used to design packaging, such as Computer Graphic. Many study programs are oriented toward practical application, such as modeling, 3D Graphics rendering, Printing, Die-cutting, and 3D Printing. Out of the 1,000 hours of training, 500 are spent on internships learning in a working environment, to get you started on the path to real work.

Innovation in packaging design even for professionals at IED

Are you a professional who wants to specialize in packaging and make a change in career? The European Institute of Design ( offers an Innovation in Packaging Design course, which offers 70 hours of training over 4 months. The course is convenient even if you work, because the face-to-face lessons are only on weekends, and you can otherwise do all your other lessons online in the evening. The course has you learning about the entire global packaging industry, and above all focuses on innovation, something that can put you in even higher demand as a professional. You will also develop branding design skills, with which you’ll be able to come up with a brand identity and implement it within the proper guidelines. As a course that focuses on innovation, an entire chapter is dedicated to sustainability in materials and accessibility in design. Courses include orientation interviews and recruitment opportunities.

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Packaging Design course in the Faculty of Architecture at a University

Are you interested in the world of packaging but also want to graduate from university? You can take a design course with the faculty of Architecture and Industrial Design. This three-year degree offers a Packaging Design course, which teaches you how to design packaging within a full design strategy. Lessons will be theoretical first and foremost and by the end of the course you will be able to deal with the industry’s technical and scientific challenges. Design methodology will be explored throughout the course, as it is the basis for all work, especially when making use of new technologies that can be used in future packaging solutions.

The free packaging course with Youth Guarantee

In many regions there is the Youth Guarantee scheme, which offers young people who are neither in employment nor education the opportunity to do a useful course that will help them find new avenues for work. The packaging course involves the study of graphic technology and printing processes. Printing materials, usually paper, as well as non-paper alternatives, will also be explored. Throughout the course programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and ArtiosCad will be used. Made for those who need work, there are many practical courses to help you master the techniques and digital tools for packaging design and production. Look out for Youth Guarantee in your region.

Online courses in Product Packaging Design

If you are not able to attend an in-person course, you can take an online course such as one in Product Packaging Design. Distance learning requires great determination. In various online courses you can learn to make use of digital technologies that are useful for making packaging, like Adobe Packaging, 3D Modeling, CAD Drawing, and Rendering. If you just want to take a look, or dedicate yourself to packaging as a hobby, you can explore opportunities at, which offers a wide range of introductory courses to the world of packaging.

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