Copywriting for the Beauty industry: How do you write content for a cosmetic brand?

Copywriting for the Beauty industry: How do you write content for a cosmetic brand? 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

The world of beauty, on the consumer side, is characterized by the marked trend towards online purchases. As a result, organizations that have chosen to go online are constantly seeking new ways to attract and inspire customers. This need has become even more apparent in recent times, given the increasing competition.

Product fiches, for example, should convey to those who buy the idea of being in front of a cream, serum, or treatment that can actually deliver the promised benefits.

In the next lines will be provided some useful tips for writing content intended to promote what produced in the beauty industry.

Brand objectives and how content can help achieve them

Growing your image in the market, or strengthening your position in the segment in which you operate, are the primary objectives of any cosmetic brand. Marketing strategies need to be stepped up and made more effective in pursuit of these objectives. Alongside brands that prefer to rely on copywriters specializing in beauty, there are those companies that prefer to do everything themselves. It is true, however, that using a professional copywriter means being sure that the words used in a slogan or post are capable of catalyzing the interest of the public.

Copywriting tips for Beauty and Skincare products

Often those who buy online would be interested in knowing who is in front of them, discovering the highlights of their historical journey and understanding their working methods. For this reason, several brands have started to include information on the birth and evolution of the activity on their sites. There are also those who have chosen to issue this information “by wagering”, sending it by email to users who have signed up for the newsletter. New products and special promotions are presented in the same emails.

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Image, creativity and emotion

A product card with little information, perhaps written in a confusing way, and with graphic choices that are far from captivating: this is a mistake not to be made for anyone aiming to increase their customer base. The possible buyer, reading what is written in a short but well structured text, should find the answer to the questions, convincing himself to submit the order without looking for alternatives. The image plays a fundamental role: a grainy, excessively small photo or one with anonymous colors could frustrate the efforts made.

Creativity is another element capable of making a difference in the beauty industry. Being creative and original makes it more enjoyable and easy to read the text portions. Those who read it will have to understand that they would benefit greatly from buying that particular product. Finally, the introduction of an emotional slogan will immediately stimulate the interest of the surfers, giving more prominence to the images. The claim could also narrate a story in a few words, in order to prompt the interested to purchase right away.

Examples of copy ads for cosmetic products

The beauty industry should appeal to the public and arouse emotions that are so strong that they will be printed in mind. Remembering the brand, and what the latter proposes, will be much easier.

An eshop that sells cosmetics and perfumes could opt for a claim that reads “Your Universe of Beauty”. Just as effective is a message that tells potential customers about the benefits of a particular product and keeps them away from advice. Why not accompany the presentation of a make-up product with the claim “5 useful tips to save valuable time in makeup”? If the intention is to advertise a beauty product on Facebook it will be suitable a title like “Discover the latest trends in the field of beauty” or, if the sale concerns perfumes, “Discover the world of fragrances and find your favorite perfume online!”

When the focus is not just on a product, but on the brand, the choice may be on the slogan “Best Products for Your Beauty – Discover our wide range of branded items in the eshop”. A newsletter will benefit from the presence of an item such as “Beauty balances: here are the perfect tricks for you!” or “Enter and start saving online with your favorite brand cosmetics”.

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Describe the advantages of your product for skin care

To be effective, a description should not just list what problems the advertised product would help solve. A widespread error, which sometimes also “affects” professional copywriters, is the simple description of properties and ingredients. In fact, users will be pleasantly surprised to read the intrinsic benefit of using a skin care product. The product sheet, in practice, must be able to “sell”.

Tell your customers about their feedback

Whatever its marketing strategy, a beauty brand will benefit from customer feedback. Not only do real testimonials from those who had the opportunity to buy, but also real reviews contribute to strengthening the company’s image. People who are still doubtful about whether to buy or not will feel more confident doing so.

Feedback images, or video testimonies, will be the decisive factor. Studio Concept Trends & Shots, an agency active since 2001 and specializing in beauty and cosmetics, offers itself as an ideal partner for companies that want to innovate their marketing strategies.

Thanks to a creative and highly professional team, Studio Concept beauty Agency is able to offer tailor-made packages to make brands more recognizable. Often even a photo or targeted design choices make a difference in the beauty industry. Discover all agency services specializing in the Beauty sector. For the communication projects that we develop for the cosmetics, skin care, hair care, makeup, perfumery etc, we at Studio Concept are able to offer a complete package of comprehensive services that also includes the study and writing of texts to complete a catalog or a website and give value to the brand’s narration. Writing texts does not just help to inform the consumer as much as possible or to tell the services of a company. The texts on a website are fundamental to the correct positioning of the site on search engines and really the use of the right words can make a difference.

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