What is the cheapest good quality makeup brand?

What is the cheapest good quality makeup brand? 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

If you’re looking to shop for cosmetics online, you’ll be spoiled for choice, so today we’ll be looking at some unmissable places for online shopping. It’s not just about price – it’s also about style. The first sites to go to for the most up-to-date news and coolest trends in the beauty world are undoubtedly single-brand sites. Luxury brands are of course impressive, but medium-price and low-price brands also have a lot to offer, as well as brands inspired by nature, which are on the rise. However, if you prefer a choice of lots of different brands, there are plenty of stores and platforms that combine variety with lots of interesting offers. Shall we begin?

Fashion show makeup tutorials on Dior Make Up

Visually appealing due to products being presented through the ideas and storytelling of the brand, this site is well curated and detailed, each product explained in detail, with creative ideas offered for your personal beauty. It’s all found on the Dior Makeup website, which also suggests all kinds of fashion show makeup, explaining each step by step, so that you too can wear it to some important event and experience feeling like a catwalk model. Dior places particular emphasis on explaining the conceptual origins of its products and their history, so you’ll be able to immerse yourself in a full-blown makeup tour, all designed by a great luxury brand. Their site also offers plenty of inspiration for you in their available video tutorials, all created by Peter Philips, creative and image director of Dior. Most notable among them are tutorials for a perfect smokey eye and defined red lips.

The Chanel Makeup lip scanner

On the home page of the Chanel Make Up website you will find something interesting – the lip scanner. Just take a picture of a color you like from a magazine, billboard, or even a face, and the lip scanner will find the corresponding Chanel lipstick. With ‘Chanel Try On’ you can then try it on virtually and make your choice. You can also buy Chanel creations directly from the app and share your photos. Another gem on this site is the ‘beauty à la carte’ offer, where you can book online beauty lessons face to face with an expert. Among what else is available, you’ll find there are also good tutorials on makeup and skin care.

Yves Saint Laurent’s Auto Replenishment service

With Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, shopping is made super convenient by the Auto Replenishment service, which ensures you are never without your essential products. Pick your favorite products, add them to your cart, select the Auto Replenishment option, select your delivery frequency, and you’re done. By doing this you will also get a 10% discount on your order, and free delivery. On the Guerlain website you will find the best primer, foundation, illuminating powder and mineral powder. For a natural and eco-friendly tan, the great classic Terracotta is currently available and is made of 96% ingredients of natural origin.

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Chat with the makeup artists from MAC

A medium price site, MAC Cosmetics welcomes you with a colorful home page, full of great offers. You’ll also find looks to inspire you and sophisticated, personalized services, such as the live chat where a makeup artist will answer any of your questions, or ‘make me up’, where you can receive makeup lessons taught by an expert. You can also alternatively find some interesting free virtual events focused on techniques and new trends, always hosted by MAC Artists. The last gem of this site is Click & Reserve, with which you can book your products and then collect them from a MAC store within just 2 hours.

L’Occitane is nature, sustainability and boutique

A search for a medium price range and a strong awareness of our connection with nature led us directly to L’Occitane. Their focus on nature is found not only in the ingredients and scents of their products, but also in their respect for the environment. In fact, L’Occitane supports the PUR Project charity by donating €2 for each purchase over €35 in store or online, with proceeds being allocated to a project for agroforestry in Friuli Venezia Giulia. The brand often runs charitable initiatives as well. For example they are currently running one for UNICEF, donating 100% of the proceeds made from a special candle product dedicated to the association to help prevent childhood blindness. Their website is consistent with their brand image, fresh and rich in natural elements. Also interesting are the many articles with practical advice on how best to preserve your beauty. The Doc service is the personal shopper, to be called directly to guide you in personalized and conscious shopping. If you want to browse the boutique without leaving your home there is a virtual tour that transports you straight into a L’Occitane boutique.

Trends and news fresh from Kiko

If you are looking for a young, fresh brand, full of new ideas and rich in color, check out Kiko’s products. On the site there’s a big focus on special offers, as well as many attractive discounts, all as part of the brand’s mission – quality within everyone’s reach. One very useful function of the site is the Foundation Finder, which, by asking you just a few simple questions, will help you to find your perfect foundation, although if you want a more concrete experience, you can also try on Kiko products virtually. Finally, there’s a section that will help you choose the best products for your skincare, such as the most suitable face masks for your skin.

Sephora – Sexy prices and exclusive brands

Even on the best perfumeries’ platforms there is no shortage of surprises. Sephora stands out from the rest and, in addition to the enticing “Sexy Prices” section, offers exclusive brands and specialties, such as the latest news on Korean cosmetics. They also have their own personal range, with good value and low prices, the Sephora collection. This range’s many products are playful and inviting, and with careful attention given to packaging, they are perfect as a gift (remember that for the holidays!). News, offers, and best-sellers dominate the site, as well as many discounts and surprises, especially if you have the loyalty card.

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Digital activities from Douglas perfumeries

Douglas allows you to participate in competitions and win varied and valuable prizes, according to your purchases. Many online activities are also available, from makeup courses from large luxury brands, to facial gymnastics that tone your face’s skin and keep it active. There are also many services in the store for whole body care available for booking on the site; products for hair, hair removal, manicures, skincare, and makeup, both for general use and also for special occasions, such as bridal makeup. Beyond that, you will find everything you need for personal care, along with a group of experts ready to help you. In the ‘live’ section, you can watch live online events from the beauty world with experts, professionals and creators of personal brands. You will be able to watch live shows whenever you want and meet stars such as Kylie Jenner, who comes on to talk about her new range exclusively for Douglas.

Pinalli’s boxes of the month and Notino’s offers

On Pinalli there is a Promo section that’s always active, for savings on beauty purchases. A notable part of this is the Pinalli Limited Edition Prime Selection boxes, an unmissable monthly package bringing together different themed products (for example, ‘For Men’, hair products, eye makeup) at amazing prices, with big discounts. Being limited edition, they quickly go out of stock. On Notino there are so many offers, including some with a 90-day guarantee, that you’ll find among the goodies in the Beauty Items and Mother and Child sections. Otherwise, the site offers a broad range similar to Pinalli and provides you a complete selection for your beauty needs.

The surprising quality of Equilibra

Do you think products at the supermarket are only ever “so-so”? Nothing could be further from the truth. Have a look at the labels, and you will find that there are products of the highest quality, such as L’Orèal or Equilibra, which for example offers a range of hair products free of parabens, silicones, or dyes, and also a sunscreen line with products made with 40% Aloe Vera.

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