What is hi-tech beauty? Innovation in the Beauty World

What is hi-tech beauty? Innovation in the Beauty World 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

If expectations were high, the results exceed them. So the future enters the beauty routine, here’s how in an in-depth study by Studio Concept.

Definition of Hi-Tech Beauty: combining innovation and aesthetics

The future is here, the beautiness landscape evolves and reflects the new change. Technology is coming ever closer to the industry in a movement that completely overturns its rules, the future and aesthetics are merging in a new way of interpreting self-care.

The past was a constant chase after the most effective formula, aiming for innovation but still using the same tools. Today’s landscape revolutionises methods, introducing the latest technologies on a more massive scale: the result is a far greater leap forward. Innovation and aesthetics start with technology in the service of beauty.

How is technology changing the way we experience beauty?

Just as the IoT has introduced a new key to interpreting networked information, so too is the concept of beauty adapting to a more immediate dimension. Changes are made by practical experiences, so that the texture of a lipstick can also be experienced with a simple tap on the smartphone.

Graphic analysis comes into direct contact with AI. Here, augmented reality allows a direct analysis of the skin, an algorithm is able to assess the profilometry in skin imperfections to suggest the most suitable product. Innovation thus increasingly rhymes with personalisation, the future becomes effective.

Artificial Intelligence and personalisation: the future of cosmetics

Picking out the most appropriate texture for one’s complexion was a bit of the past, the beauty of the future is increasingly projecting itself into a personalised dimension. The use of AI in a smart key makes it possible to develop design strategies based on a much larger amount of data.

What is the result? The cosmetics industry is increasingly able to “listen” to the needs of the individual customer in order to respond through tailor-made solutions. Designing starts with an analysis of the skin of one’s own clientele in order to approach it through solutions that respond to needs in a more incisive manner. Make-up becomes more personal, even winking at armoury.

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Augmented and virtual reality: immersive beauty experiences

Why stop at the effect of cosmetics on an influencer’s skin if you can experience it directly on your own? A screen and a photograph may be enough, but the effect can be turned into Wow with a VR visor, beauty is increasingly becoming a direct experience.

Colours and finishes are now the most established options in dedicated software. The real revolution, however, comes from rapid virtual analysis. Methods for detecting parameters such as hydration, pH and skin elasticity simplify cosmetological analysis for a quick but above all effective approach. The virtual beats the real, except in the all-analogue fascination of the shop.

3D printing and biotechnology: new frontiers in cosmetics production

Three-dimensional design means increasing the potential of cosmetics. A face mask, for example, can be designed to the customer’s actual features and measurements. Not only does this benefit the ergonomic aspect, the technological revolution primarily concerns the production area.

Printing three-dimensional models is the opportunity that the latest computational technologies offer biotechnological design, new molecules being the product of elaborate calculation. Machine learning instructs AI itself to create much better models, resulting in experimentation that is increasingly virtual but with definite real effects.

Beauty Devices: Hi-Tech Tools for Skin Care

Analysing is the key to an approach that is certainly effective, skin care therefore relies on tools that are capable of assessing the characteristics of the skin directly. The technological revolution is therefore not limited to the customer and end user but is directly at the service of the professionals in action.

Modern aesthetics relies on increasingly effective diagnostics, precisely because it draws on an impressive amount of data. The result is a professional approach, strengthened by a far greater wealth of experience than in the recent past. Tools improve and, consequently, treatments benefit.

Hi-Tech innovations for sustainable and customised beauty

Remembering the recent past is not always convenient, but quality cosmetics are those that have the courage to recognise the strong impact of their industry. Technology has provided the tools for much more human-friendly production, in industry and especially in the laboratory.

In fact, intelligent virtual design offers the tools to obtain molecules that are able to meet aesthetic requirements but above all to dispense with animal testing. Technology is leading the cosmetics industry into an increasingly green, effective but low-impact era. The beauty of the future is already a reality.

Hi-tech represents an unprecedented revolution in the world of cosmetics and wellness. Through the adoption of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, 3D printing and state-of-the-art devices, the beauty industry has been transformed, making the beauty experience more personalised, more accessible and more sustainable.

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